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Hi! We’re Abby and Lucy.

We’re always down for a laugh. We’re the OG members of Club Woman. And we’re really good at a handful of things, but our favourite talent is drinking wine, eating cheese and cheers-ing ourselves (is that even a word?) when we believe a good idea has just been uncovered.

So you can just imagine the glasses clinking and high fives happening when Woman. was dreamt up and our first official partnership began.


Between the two of us, and our close-knit friends, we’ve loved sitting down over a wine (yes, again) and bouncing ideas off each other for whatever it is we’ve got going on at that point in time.

This is one of our favourite things to do and honestly, the thing that has kept the two of us on track in our stories so far. Whether it was something happening in our own businesses, our chosen career paths or a seemingly far-fetched dream, it was our very own club of woman supporters that got us through.

Over the years it has become more and more apparent that although our local community has some AMAZING creatives, they are lacking the support, guidance and sense of family that we have found within our friendship.

This is where the idea of Woman. was born. The idea of creating this accessible, 24/7 community for women working in the creative industries. It just made sense. And besides, it was inevitable that we would join forces eventually.

We’re so, SO excited for Woman. and the learnings, experiences, good times and most importantly friendships that are coming our way. Thank you for joining our club!


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