30 Aug 2021

10 decor items you should be thrifting

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By Dee Jenner of Details

With all the time spent at home this past year it’s natural to want to give your space some TLC. Scouring op shops (or thrift stores as they are commonly known in the US) is a great way to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to update your home with the added bonus that buying second hand is better for both your wallet and the planet. Keep an eye out for these pieces next time you set foot in your local Vinnies.

1. Baskets

Baskets are a practical way to keep things organised and look beautiful displayed around your home as opposed to plastic storage options. I’m always sourcing baskets because there is a size and style to suit every purpose. Some of the ways I use mine is to hide our modem and electrical cords, as a recycling bin and to store shoes neatly by the door.

2. Mirrors
Not just for selfies, mirrors also make a space look much bigger. Thrifted finds are much cheaper and they also have more character. I love art deco styles.

3. Lamps
The perfect way to add character by day and ambience by night. Remember, shades and bases can be separated so don’t be afraid to mix and match! You may not find the perfect lamp in one go but if you love the base definitely grab it and keep an eye out for the right lampshade to match.

4. Coasters
Coasters are not only practical for protecting surfaces but they add interest as a styling piece on your coffee table. Look for styles in natural materials such as marble, rattan or mother of pearl which all pair well with glassware.

5. Candelabra
A candelabra is such a chic statement piece for either your coffee or dining table. I’ve thrifted some real gems! The tip is not to be put off by tarnished metal. With a little brass cleaner and some elbow grease these pieces polish up beautifully.

6. Books
Vintage books have so much character. Think about your interests and scan the shelves for these topics. Art? Travel? Flowers? Books are also wonderful styling objects so keep an eye out for covers in your favourite colour palette or with cool fonts and photography for inspiration.

7. Bookends
There’s no better way to display your thrifted book collection than sandwiched between some fancy bookends! Be on the lookout for sturdy styles in onyx or brass. 

8. Magazine holder
Another way to neatly display your favourite titles and books is with a magazine holder. Also doubles as a record holder for vinyl. Rattan and cane pieces are most common but keep an eye out for styles in metal or even perspex.

9. Vases
I have a real soft spot for vases because well, who doesn’t love flowers? There are some delightful vintage ceramics out there to be found with so much beauty and history. Look for styles from Australian pottery brands Barsony, Diana and Raynham.

10. Ashtrays
Smoking might be a thing of the past but ashtrays are still as useful as ever. They work well by your bedside or on a hall table by the door and are perfect for storing jewellery, collecting loose change or even holding your incense and palo santo. 

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