19 Jul 2021

10 memes to start your week right


There's nothing better than bonding with friends over a good meme. We'll admit it, it's reassuring to know that were not the only one with first world problems, on the verge of mental breakdown or having a mid life crisis in our 20's.

And as much as we love feeling motivated and grateful for our #blessed lives, when it comes to Mondays sometimes we need a little bit of encouraging humour to get on with it and reassurance that we're not alone.  

So to save you losing the first precious hour of your week in a rabbit hole of Monday memes, we've compiled our top 10 to start your week right, or at least remind you that we're all in this together.. 

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Our Monday morning beauty regime
Meme 1
Where would we be without our girl Carrie, a subtle reminder to not let anyone waste your time who isn't worthy of it!
Dancing. fixes. everything.
There's always time to kiss your doggo goodbye
The audacity.
We all make mistakes, don't be too hard on yourself.
Laugh and smile ladies, laugh and smile.
Problem Being responsible for cooking for everyone
We're not judging!
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If the cookie told you to it's a must.
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Constantly working on ourselves over here.

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