16 Jul 2021

15 female creatives to watch in 2021

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Image via @hattiemolloy

While the last 12 months did not go to plan for a lot of us, being unwillingly forced by the universe to sit with our selves and really get to know what we are thinking and feeling was not entirely a bad thing.

After our unavoidable little stay-cay we've noticed a huge increase in the number of people finding there creative talents and giving them a red hot go or really kicking things up a notch in their already establishes business's. 

Whether it be ceramicists, floral artists or jewellers we just had to share who was getting us excited for the year to come. While our list is constantly growing we've found our favourite 15 creatives to watch in 2021.

Softedge is a ceramic based project by maker & designer Layla Cluer, an ever evolving collection of slip-cast wares and an ongoing series of editions intended to be both functional and aesthetic. 

Curio Blankets are a range of Australian fine Merino wool blankets knitted in Melbourne. Their aim; to empower both nature and community by working with skilled hands and sourcing materials, creating new keepsakes to both admire and use for years to come. 

Lauren Jones is interested in making works that sit between the figurative and abstract. She wants to explore the liminal space that we inhabit, existing between different stages of light.

Christie Nicole Bridal creates bespoke couture for the modern bride. Their philosophy is originality in beauty - they pride themselves on pushing the boundaries when it comes to bridal couture.

Ellamay Fitzgerald is a photographer and artist based on the Gold Coast. Offering a female gaze, she uses her arts practice to challenge social norms and empower women through representing them in diverse shapes, ethnicities and backgrounds.

BY NYE is a contemporary Australian Jewellery label sustainably hand-made in the depths of Melbourne

Melbourne-based textile designer Sarah Nedovic Gaunt combined her love of design and sculpture with the practicality of lighting a space. Drawn to the timeless art form of ceramics, she creates sculptural lamps made of clay.

Small and considered —a sentiment that describes both their collections and the way they are made. Each Georgia Jay Bag is designed and entirely handmade from an open studio in Auckland, New Zealand

Charlee Swim is a born & bred Australian swimwear label based in Noosa Heads, Queensland. Not only do they create pieces that stand out from the crowd, they focus on sustainability and draw inspiration from the modern woman.

Isobel Badin is a celebration of the arts, nature & freedom. It's a look into the inner artist and an expression of their most authentic selves.

Tigra Tigra is a textile and garment studio founded in 2016. They partner directly with 3 artisan-owned businesses in Gujarat and 1 non-profit organization in Cape Town to develop and produce all of their designs. The artisans set the pricing for all the work based on labor time and fair wages

Melissa Murphy works primarily with Acrylic on canvas to create stunning abstract pieces. 

Yasmin Bawa is a designer of objects, furniture and spaces. Drawing on careful observation of the topology of space she works sculpturally to explore form, material, texture and colour. She seeks to challenge our perception of everyday materials and how we interact with objects.

Astrologer Srnaverse loves looking at all spectrums of life believes that creativity is the key to the soul.

Hattie Molloy's nostalgic connection with flowers is the power that drives her contemporary and dynamic creative practice. Emotive connection with Hattie’s work is compelled by sensory experience; her work existing somewhere between floristry, sculpture and installation art.


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