18 Jul 2021

3 docos you need to watch right now

Planet Earth 400x400 1

A good doco can be not only eye opening and educational but can inspire change and learning in the masses. 

The last couple of months have presented us with a whole handful of documentaries doing just that. 

We've chosen our top 3 to watch right now and we promise they wont disappoint!  

My Octopus Teacher

This documentary follows film maker Craig Foster as he dives in a kelp forest off the west coast of South Africa spending every day for a year following, learning from and creating a unique bond with a wild octopus. 

My octopus teacher scaled

David Attenborough - A Life on Our Planet

David has proclaimed this doco as his 'Witness statement' to 93 years of life lived exploring our planet and each and everyone of its continents. He shares his sadness and his first hand experiences of the impact humanity has had on our natural world, and a testament on how we can stop the impending mass extinction. 

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The Social Dilemma

Chances are this ones come up in conversation recently... Is it due to the scarily unregulated intrusion into our personal data or the fact that we've been turning a blind eye to it for so long? 
The social dilemma has made it incredibly hard to push to the back of our mind and also the fact that we can't do much about it.. it has us asking the question 'what next?' 


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