21 Apr 2021

4 new Netflix docos you need to watch

Athlete a

If there wasn't enough reason to stay home and hermit our life away already, Netflix are doing a pretty good job at keeping us hauled up in our all too comfortable beds for yet some more binging. 

While we wholeheartedly encourage you to get outside and get some fresh air at least once a day, that doesn't mean there isn't time to fit in a quick popcorn and peruse of what's to offer in new releases. 

We are living big time for the streaming platforms newest addition to documentaries so we've given a quick shoutout to our four faves below. 

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With the all too harsh reality but reality non the less that our oceans are rapidly dying, this filmmakers passion for ocean life leads him to document the harm that we as humans do to marine species - and uncovers alarming global corruption.

Biggie I Got a Story to Tell 0220210212 7373 1cyd6gb

Biggie I got a story to tell.

Because we can just never get enough of Biggie Smalls and his infamous rap career, this new doco on featuring rare footage and in-depth interviews,  celebrates the life of The Notorious B.I.G. on his journey from hustler to rap king.

Athlete a

Athlete A 

A documentary that chronicles the work of the team of Indianapolis star reporters that ultimately exposed one of the most egregious scandals in sports history; the story about USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar's abuse of star gymnasts. 

"Athlete A" refers to Maggie Nichols, who revealed her identity as Nassar's first accuser in January 2018.

Formula 1 drive to survive season 2

Formula 1 

Drive to Survive is a documentary series that gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the drivers and races of the Formula One World Championship. 


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