26 Jan 2021

5 accounts to educate yourself on January 26


Image by @bl_snaps via @clothingthegap

Australia Day, for a lot of white Australians is used as an excuse to have a piss up, a BBQ and '"celebrate" our nation. Truth be told this is how I used to spend January 26.

Out of pure ignorance I did not even know the reason we were "celebrating", and even less the impact this date had on Indigenous Australians. A date that marks genocide and massacres, a day of mourning and oppression a day that to First Nations people is known as Invasion day. Ignorance is no longer an excuse, for myself or for anyone in our country. 

January 26 is a chance for us to reflect and to demand justice for First Nations people and their families. A day we should be acknowledging the traditional custodians of our land to support and lift up First Nations voices and their stories.

I am still learning a lot about the origins of our country, its indigenous people and all of the wrongs that have happened and still to this day continue to happen to them and their families. 

To help you do the same we have found 5 accounts that have some amazing resources to educate yourself about January 26 and why we should be supporting the movement to change the date.  

You can also find more resources by heading to the websites below: 





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