02 Aug 2021

5 books to get you business ready

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Launching your business can be a daunting, confusing and down right overwhelming process!

Here are our top 5 titles to clear your mind and give you that little boost to dive in head first with full confidence.

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1. The Barefoot Investor - Scott Pape
Get your finances sorted over garlic bread and a glass of wine with Scott Pape's number 1 best seller The Barefoot Investor.

You’ll get a step-by-step formula: open this account, then do this; call this person, and say this; invest money here, and not there.

2. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway - Susan Jeffers
Whatever your anxieties, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway can teach you how to handle what life throws at you, allowing you to take control, move forwards and live the life you want.

Whatever your challenge and whatever fears are holding you back, Susan Jeffers' profound advice, insight and tools will help you move from a place of paralysis, pain and indecision to one of energy, enthusiasm and action.

3. It’s Who You Know – Janine Garner

It's time to clear out the network clutter and identify those who actually add value to your professional and personal development. It's Who You Know shows you how to master the art of real and influential strategic networking in a noisy and disconnected online world.

Learn who you need to know, how to get to know them and how to make value a two-way street.

4. The Courage To Be Disliked - Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga
The Courage To Be Disliked is the Japanese phenomenon that shows you how to free yourself, change your life and achieve real happiness.

It’s a way of thinking that’s deeply liberating, allowing us to develop the courage to change, and to ignore the limitations that we and those around us can place on ourselves.

5. Daring & Disruptive - Lisa Messenger

Daring and Disruptive is an insightful and soulful account of the entrepreneur's roller-coaster ride for those who want to succeed almost as much as they want to breathe...who want to make the impossible possible and the ordinary extraordinary.

After decades of success in multiple industries, Lisa Messenger blends her personal stories with the important business lessons she has learned along the way, from why money is not the only currency to how to fail well.


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