25 Mar 2021

5 real influencers we think every woman should be following


Whether we like it or not, we all know that influencers are here to stay. So we've compiled our picks of the bunch that not only know how to take a pretty pic but make us laugh, question and learn.

If not just for the lols Emily Hutchinson is our go to for all things style, travel and beauty (without the cringe worthy teeth whiteners, watches or waist trainers). From pooing her pants in India to her newborn son pooing all over her white linen curtains, this Byron based babe is at the top of our list. Always.

2. @smackbangdesigns
Steering the ship at not only 1 but 3 businesses, Tess Robinson is our boss lady crush. She is the ultimate advocate for dreaming bigger, working smarter and creating wonder. Not only is she a design genius but she has a way with words that will keep you coming back for more.

3. @tessguinery
Tess Guinery finds beauty in everything. She's a designer, an artist, a writer, a friend, a wife, and a mother to three little girls. Her prose and poetry are guaranteed to hit you right in the feels and make you pause (even just for a second or two).

4. @therealjadetunchy
Jade Tunchy is pretty bloody funny. She knows how to show us the human side to being an Instagram star and reminds us it's okay to laugh at yourself. We recommend following both of her accounts (@jadetunchy) for a daily reminder to keep yourself in check.

5. @carissawalford
TV Host, producer, journalist Carissa Walford is the lady behind @inbedwithcarissa. She introduces us to an array of leading ladies that make us feel empowered and inspired.

6. Bonus influencer: @woman.by.ar ;)


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