12 Aug 2021

50 game changing women share their business advice


International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

On March 8, women everywhere will be celebrated as this year's theme of #choosetochallenge takes hold.

To mark this important day, we've compiled words of wisdom and business advice from 50 game changing women who are choosing to challenge.

Abbey Ginns, Huski Studios
"Do what you love, take the risk!"

Read the full interview with Abbey here.

Ailie, Amelia, Gabriella, Morgan & Olivia of Maker Store & Studio
"Back yourself, back your passion & don’t be too hard on yourself. Celebrate each step as it comes."

Read the full interview with Maker Store & Studio here.

Akila Berjaoui, photographer
"Calm down. Relax. Eat! (I know so many women here in Australia with eating disorders, it's devastatingly toxic).

Please don't put so much pressure on yourselves, it's not worth it.

TRAVEL! Adventure, discover, enjoy life, enjoy your body, stop focusing purely on yourself, see the beauty in yourself and in everyone and everything you possibly can.

And keep your eye on the prize, it's worth it."

Read the full interview with Akila here

Annie Everingham March20 credit Jacquie Manning 158
Annie Everingham

Annie Everingham, artist
"Collaborate and engage with other creatives - having a support network of other women in business can be really helpful and motivating when you're feeling unmotivated or facing challenges in business.

Learn to say 'no' to opportunities or projects that don't add value to your business or light you up.

Celebrate small milestones and give yourself some credit for being able to monetise your passion - it's hard work, and takes a lot of vulnerability and energy.

Own your feminine super power of being both assertive and kind - being nice to people and also knowing your worth are both important."

Read the full interview with Annie here.

Del rainbow 117902580 2729215170732000 5626226896511260145 n
Bianca Gregg

Bianca Gregg, Del Rainbow
"No one is you and that is your power. It is so important for women to feel like they don't have to be anything but themselves. Your own you-ness is your superpower. Be proud of who you are."

Watch the full interview with Bianca here.

Beck Wadworth, An Organised Life
"Go with your gut, dream big, set goals, work hard and be respectful."

Read the full interview with Beck here.

Bonnie Gray, artist

"Don’t copy peoples designs, sit and know your loves and hates, your squirms that are simply telling you something of importance. Know your colours, what you fight for that keeps true to you.

You are unique. Soooo unique and your vesseled self holds either flowers, a jug of water. Just know what you carry and go out and share, and be open and confident with all that you are."

Read the full interview with Bonnie here.

Bonnie Gray Photo 3 3 19 5 54 59 am
Bonnie Gray

Caitlin Cady, Heavily Meditated
"Embracing all of you. And being all of you. Is just the best way to show up in your life and in your business. Those things that maybe seem too dichotomise or those parts of you that don't seem to fit together. That's your magic. That little combination of things, all of those weird things about you, are connection points for people."

Watch the full interview with Caitlin here.

Cat Webb, Good Times Pilates
"Protect your energy. Saying no it’s absolutely fine, it’s more than fine, it’s an act of self care. Check in on the people around you, your staff and family. Ask them if there is anything you can do to make their lives easier, even when you might already have lots to do. Because they’re the people who are supporting you and your business, if they’re drowning you’re drowning."

Read the full interview with Catt here.

Desiree Deravi, S/W/F
"Be authentic, take a minute to really feel into what it is you would like to do and always work with integrity - you can’t go wrong."

Read the full interview with Desiree here.

Dinabroadhurst 91256103 523882445206053 8631795411571773745 n
Dina Broadhurst

Dina Broadhurst, digital artist
"Passion, determination, stand up for your beliefs, be comfortable with who you are, and don’t feel bad about the journey of discovering who you are and how long it takes. Just keep doing you."

Read the full interview with Dina here.

Elle-Louise Burguez, painter
"Always come back to love, use your senses to remain in the moment, ask your belly when making tough decisions, remain playful and bright, laugh every day, swim in the ocean, be kind to animals, be kind to our planet, be kind to yourself, be kind to everyone around you and continue to learn and create everyday no matter what."

Read the full interview with Elle-Louise here.

Elyse Knowles, model
"Speak up when your gut tells you too! People respect those who are honest. You’ll respect yourself a lot more when you learn to be brave and forthright... trust me."

Read the full interview with Elyse here.

Elyse knowles 72466618 726334847864333 1680565309215801624 n
Elyse Knowles

Emma Codrington, Emma Kate Co
"Invest in yourself. By signing up for online courses, night classes, or self-teaching and dedicating time to learning and integrating. Carve space for working ‘on’ your business, as well as ‘in’ your business."

Read the full interview with Emma here.

Emma Hoareau, skincare expert
"Think about the future generations – what world do we want to leave for them? How can you help it be a better one?"

Read the full interview with Emma here.

Fabienne Costa, YCL Jewels
"Free yourself from fear, and take that risk! Your vision and dreams are so worth it."

Read the full interview with Fabienne here.

Flick Palmateer, professional big wave surfer
"Be vulnerable. Your vulnerability is not a weakness, but a gift."

Watch the full interview with Flick here.

Flickpalmateer 95699602 376123129938488 7500045899967861155 n
Flick Palmateer

Gaby Sheridan, The Pottery Studio
"Surround yourself with people who encourage you and inspire you, and add value to your life."

Watch the full interview with Gaby here.

Georgia Hartmann, Georgia Hartmann Naturopath
"Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot achieve. No matter your education, your age, your experience, your background, your financial situation─you can do whatever it is your heart desires. All you have to do is get clear on your goal and show up each and every day. Be determined. Be persistent. And above all, enjoy the process."

Read the full interview with Georgia here.

Hayley Mason, Settler Hives
"Be careful what you watch and who you spend the majority of your time with. Your energy is important."

Read the full interview with Hayley here.

Hollyryanstudio 93823057 260297338341437 6616270464984235759 n
Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan, jeweller and sculptor
"Stop comparing yourself or your work to that of others, looking within and following your intuition is the most meaningful way to forge a path of your own."

Read the full interview with Holly here.

Jasmine Dowling, designer and content creator
"Get to know yourself and what you want out of a business without any preconceptions. You don’t need to fit into the mould of a successful business person. You have the freedom to do things your own way & create your own version of success."

Read the full interview with Jasmine here.

Jedda Purchase, Jedda Clay
"Make time for yourself and loved ones, be in nature more and most of all get creative, wether it be cooking, gardening, painting etc. Do what makes you happy, be confident within, know your strengths and be a boss."

Read the full interview with Jedda here.

Jeddaclay 119671988 1332832720392117 2008980728219410430 n
Jedda Purchase

Jess Cadby, Nice Martin
"When you meet the right person, and you bounce ideas of each other and every idea is so similar, the doubt within yourself just completely vanishes and that other person becomes the person who is quietly cheering you on."

Watch the full interview with Jess here.

Kati Morgan, Mast Furniture
"I think for women, the phrase “you can have it all, just not all at once” is so true. Having worked really hard on developing my own career in our business, I found it quite hard to switch into thinking about putting that on pause and starting a family. I think you can wear so many ‘roles’ as a woman, and that it can be a constantly shifting thing. You no longer have to choose strictly work life or mum life, you can ebb and flow between the two throughout your life."

Read the full interview with Kati here.

Kitty Scott, Cleonie Swim
"Don't give up your desires. If your intuition is telling you to chase something, chase it and don't give up on it, really listen to your true calling. The opportunities out there are so full that it's just a matter of going out and getting them, making the most of them and not giving up. Don't stop."

Watch the full interview with Kitty here.

Kitty cleonie
Kitty Scott

Lara Fells, St Agni
"To women in business - be really kind to each other and be really kind to yourself. Support each other. Don't be competitive, everyone is just doing their own thing. Offer any advice you can to anyone else and it will come back the other way.

Watch the full interview with Lara here.

Lauren Lance, The Borrowed Nursery
"A great strategy that I’ve implemented is when to say yes and when to say no, always be open to opportunities but you have to be comfortable in also saying no if it doesn’t feel right. It's about finding the right balance."

Read the full interview with Lauren here.

Lauren Roe, I Love Linen

"Do your research, ensure the numbers make sense and be prepared to work as hard as you ever have."

Read the full interview with Lauren here.

Lindsay Pepper, The Finders Keepers
"Work life balance does serve its purpose... to build and support each of those areas, so you're better in both. If you don't have that time, you won't ever have the energy to push on and invest in your work."

Watch the full interview with Lindsay here.

Lisa messenger 4 1100x733
Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger, The Collective Hub
"Get clear on why you do what you do. Be unafraid to make failure you’re friend. Surround yourself with a great team. Know that anything is possible. Just start."

Read the full interview with Lisa here.

Lisa Morgan, visual artist and painter
"My advice for younger artists - 'Your work isn’t a high stakes, nail-biting professional challenge, it is a form of play. Lighten up and have fun with it' (Sol LeWitt).

Against all your internal chatter, delve into the notion of expressing yourself through the very essence of playfulness as in being open to anything that may happen, an honest observation of life in your own lane"

Read the full interview with Lisa here.

Lottie Hall, Lottie HALL womenswear
"My strategy has always been to have a signature look and don't budge on that. The brand ethos is very strong and doesn't really waver and it has kept it solid and a point of difference. There is no point offering something everyone else is doing."

Read the full interview with Lottie here.

Mary Hoang, The Indigo Project
"It's about humans talking to humans, and not about professionals knowing everything."

Watch the full interview with Mary here.

The indigo project 109436509 596272207990745 5475596987159198353 n
Mary Hoang

Mel Carrero, Spell & The Gypsy Collective
"We are a network and community and it's really good to be able to help people when you can. Remember they may need your help one day and you never know when you might need theres."

Watch the full interview with Mel here.

Montana Lower, mural artist
"Create your own path and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t be afraid to start! Giving back to your community and the earth!"

Read the full interview with Montana here.

Nilla Tomkins, Vanilla Food
"Go for it!"

Read the full interview with Nilla here.

Sandy Ronalds, Nativ Basics
"Do things with purpose. Figure out what you want to do by asking yourself why you want to do it. Then remind yourself of this every time it gets difficult."

Read the full interview with Sandy here.

Sarah andrews captains rest145205560 280038570219196 2995048162887047690 n
Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews, Captains Rest and The Hosting Masterclass
"Honestly, with the right support, education, and goal anyone really is capable of any goal or pursuit you put your mind to. I used to dream of what I do now, but never thought it possible. Everything is (possible), I promise!"

Read the full interview with Sarah here.

Shyanne Clarke, illustrator and graphic designer
"Be strong and vulnerable in who you really are. Be curious and try things on, but ultimately, what ever you choose to do, do it to the best you can today, keep growing and always go with the option that is socially and environmentally responsible. Remember that there is always time, don't rush, play the long game, your best work might not happen til your 70 - and that is pretty fucking awesome."

Read the full interview with Shyanne here.

Shyanne Clarke

Sjana Earp, influencer
"SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER. That as humans, and particularly as females is a superpower we all share!"

Read the full interview with Sjana here.

Sophie Kovic, Seed & Sprout
"Be kind. In business and in life. Work towards qualities of optimism, compassion and empathy. It’s cool to be kind and the world needs more of it."

Read the full interview with Sophie here.

Sophie Matson, Købn
"To be clear on what you want to achieve, be clear on your product, be original, be firm in your vision, don’t stock anyone who you get bad vibes off ( there will be someone better around the corner ), and most importantly fake it til you make it!"

Read the full interview with Sophie here.

Steffanie Ball, En Gold
"Value others time and appreciate that. Whether it is going to go somewhere or not. It's just about appreciating the time that they're giving you."

Watch the full interview with Stephanie here.

En gold 102373434 708432723320381 7374246909695489986 n
Steffanie Ball

Summer and Alexa, Laze Res
"Keep going no matter what and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise."

Read the full interview with Summer and Alexa here.

Tanya Shaw, Oh Flora Store & Studio
"Don’t let your background determine what you think you’re capable of. Go with your gut! Your intuition is never wrong. Try not to hang around, or limit time with others that hold you back… you know who they are.

Business is hard work and unfortunately there aren't any shortcuts, so be sure you’re passionate about the work you’re doing. It’ll make the really tough days worth it in the end."

Read the full interview with Tanya here.

Tess Robinson, Smack Bang Designs

"Find your greater purpose by recognising your passions, privilege and prowess. Stand up for what you believe in, celebrate your virtues and stay in your lane."

Read the full interview with Tess here.

KH SBD Tess July2019 0009
Tess Robinson

Trudy Croad, Lovebird Weddings
"Be brave. You've been brave enough to come up with an idea. You've been brave enough to turn it into a business. Keep being brave, don't quit."

Watch the full interview with Trudy here.

Zepha Jackson, Not a Stitch Up
"Slow and steady wins the race. But there is no race. Take your time, enjoy the ride and do things thoughtfully."

Read the full interview with Zepha here.

Zoe Clark, Zoe Clark Cakes
"If you have a passion, follow it. If you want to make it into a business, try and think of what is going to set you apart and how it is going to work. If you love doing it that much, and you're good at it, there's always a way of trying to make it work as a business."

Watch the full interview with Zoe here.


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