15 Aug 2021

6 creative workspaces we've fallen in love with

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If there is one thing that gets our creative juices going and our minds overflowing with inspiration it's seeing other creatives go all in, doing what they love, in the way they love, in an environment they love. 

We don't know what exactly it is, but we just can't get enough of seeing scattered selections of paint brushes, musical instruments piled high, plants on plants on plants and tools and mess everywhere and always. So when we're looking for a little bit of oomph in the inspiration department, our go to is to scour the internet for some next level workspaces that excite, motivate and inspire us. 

And because sharing inspiration is what we're all about, we've put together a list of 6 creative work spaces that we've fallen in love with..

Artist Bobby Clark & husband Steven Clark really are the A team when it comes to creative duo's, and its no surprise that their workspace screams inspiration. 

Their space; a light filled warehouse in Melbourne, scattered with Steven's dreamy Den Holm sculptures and abstract paintings, Spatters of bright colours from Bobby's striking works sit amongst rough white walls and concrete floors, it's like looking into an artists mind. 

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Simone Bodmer-Turner's New York studio is one giant piece of art.. literally, the ceramic artist and sculptor built out this all white everything workspace by teaching herself to sculpt organically on an architectural scale. 

Filled floor to ceiling with smaller pieces of curvy ceramic forms, this space is out of this world. 

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Maybe its because we find every little thing in Morocco beautiful, but we have to admit The LRNCE studio is extra special. 

The lifestyle brand by Laurence Leenaert houses everything from handmade textiles, paintings, ceramics to interiors and clothing. With their design studio spilling pieces of pure magic.

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Oh we do love a home studio, especially one that seems to scatter throughout each and every room, the backyard and the nearby oceans!

Marianne Roussety's creative corners are ones of our dreams. We can only imagine what magic we would walk into if visiting for tea. 

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Images by @raynjermain 

Textile artists Vanessa Barrago's pieces are truely something else. We imagine stepping into her workspace like stepping into a scene of Alice in Wonderland. 

Giant pieces of art hanging from wall and cielings, giant spools of wool and greenery filling all of the gaps in between. We couldn't imagine a boring day in the office here. 

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We're most definitely not the first to say it but the Natalie Rolt studio is LUXE.

A spacious design room with extra high ceilings lined with industrial machines, walls of patterns, designs and silky fabrics. Not to mention a team of equally as luxe women creating beautiful garments! 

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