21 Aug 2021

6 female creatives share their business advice

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Wow, 2020 you have been one heck of a year. To say the least, we're ready to say see ya later, get motivated and kick things back into gear.  

So to help you (and us) get motivated for the new year coming our way, we've compiled some words of wisdom and business advice from 6 of our favourite female creatives. 

Here's what they've got to say: 

1. Bonnie Gray, artist 

"Don’t copy peoples designs, sit and know your loves and hates, your squirms that are simply telling you something of importance. Know your colours, what you fight for that keeps true to you.

You are unique. Soooo unique and your vesseled self holds either flowers, a jug of water. Just know what you carry and go out and share, and be open and confident with all that you are."

Read the full interview with Bonnie here

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Bonnie Gray

2. Zepha Jackson, Not a Stitch Up

"Slow and steady wins the race. But there is no race. Take your time, enjoy the ride and do things thoughtfully."

Read the full interview with Zepha here

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3. Tanya Shaw - Oh Flora Store & Studio 

"Don’t let your background determine what you think you’re capable of. Go with your gut! Your intuition is never wrong. Try not to hang around, or limit time with others that hold you back… you know who they are.

Business is hard work and unfortunately there aren't any shortcuts, so be sure you’re passionate about the work you’re doing. It’ll make the really tough days worth it in the end."

Read the full interview with Tanya here

Tanya Shaw Oh Flora Studio Mexico City Workshop Lana Nova Photography6

4. Lisa Messenger - The Collective Hub 

"Get clear on why you do what you do. Be unafraid to make failure you’re friend. Surround yourself with a great team. Know that anything is possible. Just start."

Read the full interview with Lisa here

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Lisa Messenger

5. Annie Everingham - artist 

"Collaborate and engage with other creatives - having a support network of other women in business can be really helpful and motivating when you're feeling unmotivated or facing challenges in business.

Learn to say 'no' to opportunities or projects that don't add value to your business or light you up.

Celebrate small milestones and give yourself some credit for being able to monetise your passion - it's hard work, and takes a lot of vulnerability and energy.

Own your feminine super power of being both assertive and kind - being nice to people and also knowing your worth are both important."

Read the full interview with Annie here

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Annie Everingham

6. Jasmine Dowling - designer and content creator 

"Get to know yourself and what you want out of a business without any preconceptions. You don’t need to fit into the mould of a successful business person. You have the freedom to do things your own way & create your own version of success."

Read the full interview with Jasmine here

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