11 Jul 2021

7 recipes you need to make these holidays

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Summer is upon us yet again, and for us that means 3 warm months filled with backyard barbys, dinner parties and soirees with all of our favourite people. It also means it's time to pull out some newly mastered recipes and impress our friends and fam with all of the skills we've acquired over the last 6 months confined to our home kitchen.  

To give you a head start and save you precious time that could be spent sipping that one extra Aperol spritz before your guests arrive we've put together a list of 7 recipes you need to make these holidays. Wether they're from our fave home cooks or our good mate Jaimie Oliver, we've put together a menu for everyone, yes that means the vegan folk too! 

1. First up is one that's sure to impress the fam at Christmas lunch. If you're like us and usually turn up with a couple of bags of chips and a 'homemade' guac, pulling off this bad boy will not only be easy peasy it's going to get you up there in the good books with mumsy this year. 

Our ultimate home cook crush Jessica Nguyen shows us how to roast a whole chook to perfection.

2. Next up is one from our mate Jamie, If you don't love Jamie Oliver well.. your lying to yourself. Believe us, we've tried to hate that smooth Estuary accent and brit slang, but alas we can not deny he is the king of the quick kitchen in our books. 

So what's he got for us this hols you ask?!.. Well homemade sausage rolls of course and the easy version might we add! 

3. This ones for when you really need to pull the big guns out. Maybe your trying to impress the Mother in law, or it's the first time cooking for that special someone.. we're cheering you on from here! 

Our new go to girl for all things ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS Danielle Alverez, shows us how to wip up a salmon with harissa-ish oil, yoghurt, coriander & Cauliflower dish.  

If your'e left wanting more of what shes got like us, Danielle has recently launched her very first cook book Always Add Lemon.

4. If you havn't had the chance to try a jackfruit taco yet in your life, you are truly missing out. It might come as a shock to all meat eaters out there but these bad boys taste nothing short of drool-worthy and give the old pulled pork a run for its money. 

Ellie Bullen of The Wholesome Store shares her pulled jackfruit tacos recipe from her cookbook The Global Vegan.

5. There will inevitably be an occasion these holidays that you will without a doubt need to make this frozen yoghurt and passion fruit curd dessert covered in honeycomb, more curd, elderflower and aaaallll the crystallised fruits by Katrina Meynink. Wether that reason be a birthday celebration, a new years eve dinner party or just that its Friday night, we can guarantee it will be making an appearance. 

6. What would be a Summer BBQ without a fresh salad?! We could eat this one for breakfast, lunch or dinner it sounds so good. Author of Tasty Express and owner of Cook Republic Sneh Roy shares her Watermelon Feta Salad with Pickled Shallots

7. Lucky last and because we couldn't not have a pasta dish in here somewhere, Gather and Feast show us how to nail a Tomato Vodka Fusilli with fresh Basil. This one has literally all of our favourite ingredients with a sneaky vodka addition too. It's the holidays, why not! 

BRB just going to set our table before we have one too many Aperols.


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