14 Jun 2021

7 Tess Guinery quotes to hit you right in the feels

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Tess Guinery finds beauty in everything. She's a designer, an artist, a writer, a friend, a wife, and a mother to three little girls.

Her prose and poetry are guaranteed to hit you right in the feels and make you pause (even just for a second or two).

Here are 7 of our favourite Tess Guinery quotes:

"Sometimes we get given the opportunity to make a brave choice. A choice, to surrender the things that have been great, in exchange for greater. It's here a soulful, lively, wholehearted boom-boom-heart out of the chest, tears on cheeks, I'm alive, kind of passion lives - it lives, just around the corner from surrenders bend."

"You'll never actually know what people truly think of you - assume it's lovely."

"Peace arrives on the eve of the right decision and rises on the sun of the way forward."

"The stars nodded,
the ocean agreed,
the flowers choruses,
"Bloom now, bloom free"
- rise, again."

"Is your heart hungry for truth and flowers? - Eat such things for breakfast."

"May our choices be made not on the back of fads, but set on fire in the grit and beauty of solemn soil."

"Her clay heart,
a million pieces,
spread over the dusty earth.
She drew a deep breath -
and with all the gold & stars
& faith she had,
she crowned herself
the thoroughly inexperienced,
And put her hope in another. 

This - a kind of radical."


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