20 Jun 2021

8 thought provoking podcasts

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Image via @wewanttobebetter 

We've all been there, trying to find a worthy podcast only to listen to the first 10 minutes of a hand full of well.. crap, before eventually giving up completely. 

You've got an hour of your day to spare and your trying to use it wisely, to learn and listen to something thats interesting, has substance and some tangible advice to take away, but to do so you need to sift through the overflowing mountain of celebrity gossip and true crime..

Well don't worry girl, we've got your back! We've done the yards and compiled a list of 8 thought provoking podcasts with something for everyone from environmental and spirituality to feminism and philosophy these are guaranteed to get you thinking. 

Starting it off on a light note We Want To Be Better follows Annie and Bianka's relentless endeavours to Be Better. They're pretty fabulous already, but they could always be better! This brilliant piece of comedy brings to attention both societal and everyday issues while making you fall off your seat with laughter.. a pre warning for those on the more conservative side, these two don't hold back on anything! 

hey, girl. is a podcast that unites the voices of phenomenal women near and far. Created with sisterhood and storytelling in mind, author Alex Elle sits down with people who inspire her. From friends to family members and strangers, the hey, girl. The conversations are honest, intentional and Alex's passion for self growth and self love is obvious.

Pushing the conversation in economics, Upstream is a podcast offering radical ideas and inspiring stories for a just transition to a more beautiful and equitable world. It brings an engaging, compelling and educational conversation with ideas of change and hope at the forefront.

For listeners who think boldly and beyond Big Audacious Idea's host Craig James meets with many of today's most provocative thinkers to explore the meta-questions of life. It's 35 minutes of deep and thoughtful discussion guaranteed to feed the curious mind. A guaranteed thought provoking listen that will expand your consciousness. 

Finding alternative voices and perspectives to our climate crisis, Brown Girl Green is a podcast and media series created by Kristy Drutman. She interviews environmental leaders and advocates about diversity and inclusion as well as creative solutions for coping with the climate crisis. She is working to change the image of what it means to be an environmentalist in the 21st century. This podcast shares great resources and and inspiration for our own individual environmentalism. 

In Unlocking Us Researcher and #1 New York Times best-selling author Brené Brown  unpacks and explores the ideas, stories, experiences, books, films, and music that reflect the universal experiences of being human, from the bravest moments to the most brokenhearted. This one is for those on deep and personal journeys and we believe will provide many aha moments for those individuals. 

Positive and uplifting, I Weigh by Jameela Jamil challenges society's definition of worth through weight by asking different thought-leaders, performers, activists, influencers, and friends about how they are working through their past shames to find where their value truly lies. It advocates important issues and is empowering with a touch of humour. 

On Being is a podcast hosted by Krista Tippett, it examines what it calls the, "animating questions at the centre of human life" What does it mean to be human?, and how do we want to live?. On Being is powerful, deep and comforting at the same time. It reminds us of our connection with each other and explores consciousness and the complexity of our universe and our part we play as individuals. 


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