30 Jul 2021

Bye, Felicia: 7 cures for writer's block

Kinga cichewicz H Yc XUU m Lw E unsplash

By Bossy Creative

Ok, so you’ve got writer’s block. You’ve got it bad. You’ve been staring at the smug little cursor for what feels like forever, and nothing is happening — not even the faintest idea of what to write.

This hasn’t happened to you because you’re a bad person and you deserve it. Writer’s block isn’t random; there’s always a cause, and once you figure out the underlying problem, you can solve it and then get back to writing.

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In this episode, I cover:

  • Why we (all) suffer writer’s block
  • Diagnosing the underlying problem
  • 4 most common causes of writer’s block (that I struggle with most!)
  • My top 7 cures, ranging music, apps and alcohol

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