18 Jun 2021

Conscious relationships

Concious relationships

By Missy Mitchell of Spiritually Sourced

Being in a conscious relationship allows us to navigate two peoples feelings with mutual respect and love. Knowing what it is that you are giving to the relationship but also making sure your needs are met.

When we come together, romantically or otherwise, we are placing two different sets of conditioning and ego together. Authentically in a healthy relationship, we recognise the other person’s soul as well. Their true, authentic self. This is what we love about them.

Ensuring that both people are equally invested in their own spiritual well being is a start. If you are on your own journey, doing the work but your partner/friend/family aren’t, chances are they won’t understand. This lack of understanding will filter through as judgement, jealousy or resentment.

It is our purpose to stay true to ourselves and our own journey first. Our happiness is our first priority, always.

When two people are spiritually invested in themselves, it’s time to overflow that onto the relationship. Read together, listen to podcasts together, attend seminars, get coaching!

If the relationship is something you truly value and feel in your soul this person is meant to be apart of your life then take time to grow and nurture it.

Learning how others communicate and how they receive love allows us to be more understanding of their wants and needs but also makes space for them to know ours.

Do not hide what you like and do not judge what they like. When they tell you how they feel, believe them.

Learn how they receive love and how YOU receive love. Take the 5 love languages test together or if you’re working on this with a friend/family member take the test first and send it through to them so you can build a better spiritual understanding in all relationships.

The link for the test is here.


Lastly, show up with love. Love does not judge and love does not hide. We were placed here to give and receive love. Do not be afraid of it.

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