31 May 2021

Creative DIY gift ideas

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By Holly Norris

Gifts that come from the heart.

Wanting to give a gift that has a little more love and meaning?

Choosing the right gift for someone can be really hard. It seems like it’ll either be - I can’t seem to find anything they like, I can’t find anything in a reasonable price range, I don’t know what they need or there are just so many options that it becomes overwhelming. It can also feel like we are adding to the unnecessary consumerism.

Considering all this, it is also super thoughtful when someone puts time and effort into making a gift. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or just to show someone how much you love them. These are the perfect DIY gift ideas, that are made with LOVE.


If you have been living under a rock and haven’t already seen, but beads are quite the rage at the moment. There are many places that sell beautiful beaded jewellery, but you can easily make these at home. Pop down to your local craft store and you will find plenty of different coloured beads that you can mix and match to best suit your bestie, or whoever you are making it for. If you’re afraid that they won’t like to wear the beads as jewellery, then you can simply make a keyring which mostly everyone will love!


  • Stretchy string
  • Beads
  • Scissors
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Image via @moinsest_plus

Homemade chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate right! If you say you don’t you are lying to yourself! I know we can buy every type of chocolate under the sun at our local supermarket, but making your own can be easy and fun! My crowd favourite (by crowd I mean my family and housemates) is my homemade vegan dark chocolate.


  • Cacao Powder
  • Maple Syrup
  • Cacao butter or coconut oil
  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts


Simply melt down all your ingredients. Then fold through half of the fruit and nuts. Spread onto some baking paper, sprinkling the extra fruit and nuts on top. I used macadamia’s, goji berries and coconut flakes, the best combo. Let it set in the fridge or the freezer, then it is complete.

I love to break it up an pop it into glass jars, ready for gift giving.

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I know what you’re thinking. “I can’t draw”. Don’t worry… this one isn’t exactly what you’re thinking. Instead of painting on a plain canvas, I suggest that you pop down to your local op shop and grab and old vase, tall cup or anything that you may like to paint. You can even reuse your glass jars - like the glass of tomato’s (passata) you used in last night’s bolognaise. I saw this idea from @vaisselle.boutique where she has painted ceramic vases, which look super cute. This also means you could throw in some cute flowers to top off this perfect prezzie.


  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Old vase/ jars

Just like that you can start painting. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can just be some simple patterns with vibrant colours, to match those tulips you picked up at the local farmers market.

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Image via @vaisselle.boutique

Chilli Oil

Everyone needs a bit of spice in their life, chilli oil may be the answer you are looking for. This is the perfect gift idea for those who love to cook or just love chilli. I mean I love both so this would have to be a winner for me. @Jessica_nguyen_ has the best recipe, that is simple and delicious. Jessica is a Melbourne based home chef that is well known on Instagram for her amazing and beautifully presented cooking, as well as her famous chilli oil recipe that took the internet by storm.


  • 1 litre of neutral oil (vegetable, canola or peanut oil works best)
  • 10 bay leaves
  • 1 large piece of ginger, roughly sliced
  • 6 cardamom pods, crushed with the side of your knife
  • 6 pieces of star anise
  • 4 stalks of spring onions, roughly chopped into 5cm stems
  • 1 red onion, roughly chopped
  • 2 cups of dried chilli flakes

To see full recipe, head to @Jessica_nguyen_ Instagram

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image via suboo.com.au

Canvas Bag

This DIY gift idea does require a sewing machine, so for my fellow sewers – this one’s for you.


  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric of choice
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure

The best part about this is you can choose a unique fabric that the person will love. I have personally chosen a corduroy fabric, which is super easy to use. Measure out the size you want, simply by looking at a tote bag you have around the house, or just winging it.

  1. You will need to cut four rectangles - 2 for the sides and 2 for the straps.
  2. Spare material can be used for a pocket on the front.
  3. Sew the straps together inside out and then fold them back the correct way.
  4. If you’re sewing a pocket - do it on one side of the bag before sewing all the pieces together.
  5. Now sew the two sides of the bag together inside out, leaving the top half open.
  6. Dart in both the bottom corners, so that the bag has a base.
  7. Fold down the top and hem it all the way around.
  8. Attach the straps evenly apart.

Just like that the bag is complete.

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