25 Jul 2021

Emma Hoareau's eye for beauty

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Emma Hoareau is a Parisian Brit with an eye for beauty, and is a freelance photographer, brand consultant and skincare expert.

We chat to Emma about how looking after your skin and body can impact your work productivity and creativity, her number one skincare tip and self-care habits.

Q1: In your own words, please tell us what you do and how it came to be…
I started my blog, Lolita Says So, in 2009 when I was at university. When I graduated 3 years later I became a beauty editor at a magazine but always did my own writing and photography for my blog on the side. When I moved to Sydney in 2014 I became a photographer and now am back in London doing both photography and blogging.

Q2: You combine a lot of passions throughout your career… photography, blogging, skin care. Can you tell us a little about what’s involved and what’s your favourite part?
For me they all link really well together – for my blog I do writing and photos, which combines my two others jobs of journalism and photography. I fluctuate between what aspect I love the most and that’s why I love it: because I have the freedom to chose what I focus my creative energies on each day.

Q3: How do you choose to work with brands that align with your passions and values, and what are important deciding factors in this process?
I only work with brands I truly love and who’s products I would use or wear if I wasn’t being paid to. I think it’s so important to do this as it’s always so obvious (to me anyway) when someone doesn’t genuinely use or like – or understand! – a product they’re being paid to share. I turn down lots of jobs because of this but I think in the long run it’s worth it as my audience know they can trust me 100%.

Q4: We’re focusing on health and wellness this month and we know you’re a big advocate for looking after your skin and body. How do you feel this can impact your work productivity and creativity?
Taking time for myself is really important. Whether it’s taking time to mediate, read my book, take a bath or walk round the park I notice how when my brain is allowed to relax and look inward – my outward actions in work and creativity become so much stronger

Q5: What is your number one tip for skincare?
Wear SPF everyday!

Q6: What’s one self-care habit you wish you had started sooner?


Q7: What does a typical day look like for you when you’re working (and when you’re not!). Do you have a routine that you stick to?

It can be a whole mix of things. Essentially I work from home – but for me that’s where I do all the admin side of things, so emails etc. I’m out quite a lot throughout the week at launches and meetings in central London, and also need to shoot my content which tends to also be at home or at a location if it’s a special project. It’s quite changeable so I make sure that I never take meetings on Mondays so that is my day to plan my week, get on top of emails and figure out what my goals are for the next 7 days.

Q8: How do you continue to find inspiration (and motivation) for your work? We see you travel regularly. Does this play a part?

Most definitely. I grew up across France and England and have always had wanderlust. Being somewhere new wakes you up to the present moment in a way being at home doesn’t, and it’s that presence that helps me find motivation and clarity in what I want to do in my work.

Q9: What roles have you found to challenge you throughout your career so far, and what lessons have you learnt from these challenges?
I used to find it hard to have a boss, and that’s why I realised I should just become my own

Q10: What are your top 3 superpowers?
Organisation, communication and conviction.

Q11: What advice would you impart on the next generation of women, and women in business?
Think about the future generations – what world do we want to leave for them? How can you help it be a better one?

One last thing… share with us a quirky fact about yourself! Something that people might not know about you?
I have an extra bone in my back!


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