05 Jul 2021

Exploring the best white wines of Australia

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The world of wine is dominated by two varieties - reds and whites, of which the latter one is usually recommended if you are starting with wines. The reason being, they are lighter-bodied and easier on the palate.

The high acidity, fruity flavours, soft texture and soothing colours are a delight to many people across the world. Australia, being one of the leading countries in the wine industry, has gems to offer when it comes to white wines.

There is a huge variety of white wines to try from and later if you get addicted to it, then you are on your own. From the widely recognised Chardonnay to Burgundy originated Pinot Grigio, here is a list of the best Australian white wines which you must try.

We promise you will definitely get quality, diversity and authenticity served.

A widely recognised white grape variety, Chardonnay is grown in both warmer and cooler wine regions. The winemakers in Australia produce it in good quantity and in flavours ranging wildly from citrus to deep and fruity. Chardonnay contributes big time to the country’s wine production considering it is a favourite for many.

You must try this Gold medal awarded Angove Organic Chardonnay 2019 South Australia. This light straw coloured drink with hints of pale green releases citrus, white peach, melon and musk aromas. The complemented savoury oak nuances pave the way for a matching palate displaying an impressive texture and good length. It undergoes minimal filtration prior to bottling. You may enjoy it with grilled seafood, roast chicken or cheesy polenta.

A late-ripening, aromatic white wine with high levels of acidity, Riesling is about keeping the grape purity intact. The Clare and Eden Valleys in Australia have credits to produce fantastic, age-worthy Rieslings for a long period of time. The cooler regions where the grape variety is grown helps retain the acidity. With time, it develops delicate aromatics and a concentration of flavours, moderate alcohol and high acid levels.

You must try this highly rated Bronze medal awarded Cooks Lot Allotment 333 Riesling 2018 Orange with Asian food, chicken, salmon and tuna. It comes with musk and floral notes, citrus palate, fresh varietal aromatic lime and citrus blossom with musk notes following through a crisp palate with citrusy mineral notes.

Sauvignon Blanc
When compared with Chardonnay, this white wine variety is dryer and more tart depending on the ripeness of the grape and the region in Australia where it’s grown. If picked early, it emanates peppers and green apple aromas, and later it sweetens to flavours of melon and apricot.

You must give this one a shot, Cooks Lot Allotment 689 Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Orange NSW is a highly rated, bronze medal winner. It has aromatic passionfruit and tropical fruit with herbaceous notes that follow through to a crisp well-balanced palate with underlying mineral notes to offer. Savour it best with brussel sprouts, asparagus, cucumbers, and broccoli. 

A golden-skinned grape variety, it releases lemon, apple, pear and green papaya flavours when made into wine. However, in the region where it is grown, the flavours can range from being a zesty, palate-cleansing wine to a rich, creamy, lemon-flavoured wine. The flavours from the Hunter Valley start as grassy and herby then turn to peach and fig upon ripening and end up in a deep honey and apricot flavour.

Coolangatta Estate Semillon 2016 Shoalhaven Coast is a must-try. A highly rated, Gold medal winner, this wine is a full-bodied style of Semillon. The lifted and vibrant fruit with grapefruit and lime citrus twist on the nose. The flavour is supported by creamy palate length balanced by a refreshing yet soft citrus acid. Serve it best with seafood, especially shellfish, or pork, veal, and chicken.

Pinot Gris
Originally from the vineyards of Burgundy, this wine is worldwide famous now. Typically referred to by its Italian name Pinot Grigio, this white wine is typically fuller-bodied. Much drier than Chardonnay due to its high acidity, it tends to have a slightly sweeter taste.

Highly rated Cooks Lot Allotment 666 Pinot Gris 2018 Orange has a Gold medal to its name. Its aromatic pears with nougat and ginger notes follow through to a crisp fresh palate. Invite your friends and family home and savour it best with seared or grilled fish and simple oven-roasted chicken.

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