12 Aug 2021

Finding your creative niche with Kim Wallace Ceramics

Our Woman. Of Vlog gives you all access, all the time to helpful tips, advice and real life experiences from ambitious women killing it in a creative industry.

Kim is the woman behind Kim Wallace Ceramics, a boutique ceramics studio based in Noosa. Kim's studio is home to a growing team of creatives – potters, glazers, designers and thinkers; each bringing a unique skill set to work everyday. They love what they do, and make objects they see a need for and use in their own homes.

Kim Wallace Ceramics are well loved by some of the best-known chefs of Australia, with delicious dishes being served up on their handmade pieces at Aria Sydney, The Opera Bar, Ormeggio at the Spit, Ricky’s Noosa, Cape Lodge Margaret River and many more.

In this Woman. of interview we chat to Kim about how she found her creative niche, opening a shop front and going with the flow versus having a strict business plan in place.


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