23 Feb 2021

Flick Palmateer launches Skin Deep

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Earlier this year we sat down with pro big wave surfer and artist Felicity Palmateer to chat about her journey. Flick blew us away with her take on life and her undeniable passion for chasing her dreams and not letting fear stand in the way.

Since our chat Flick has launched her latest passion project "Skin Deep" an audio visual clip that combines her two greatest loves, surfing and art. In her own words the project is an exploration of self-expression, self-discovery and freedom.

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After four years of production the four minute highly anticipated clip that Flick described as incredibly challenging to execute, was released in November and is now available to rent on Vimeo.

The clip follows Flick as she explores what it means to be free, by stripping down and doing what she loves; riding waves over the world with nothing holding her back.

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"The ocean has always been my biggest mirror to how I’m feeling mentally, and the process of shooting Skin Deep was incredibly empowering and cathartic. By embracing my femininity in a place free of judgement it’s allowed me to view my body in such a different way. To honour it for what it allows me to do physically and to embrace self love and acceptance"

A true testimony to Flick's outlook of learning to be comfortable while being uncomfortable, Skin Deep is empowering and inspiring and in our eyes a must watch short film. 


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