03 May 2021

Forever florals - our top picks for Autumn

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Image via @blancamiro

I didn't grow up a girly girl, but if theres one thing I can't look past its a good floral number... what can I say, they're just plain fun.

The power of a floral number can lift spirits, turn heads and really just look damn good. And they never grow old, year after year the floral re-emerges ready to take it all on again. 

So if you're looking to add a little lift to your staple wardrobe without the worry of it growing old quickly, we've picked our top forever florals for the season.. and beyond!

If you're only just finding out about the magic that is La Veste, we know how you feel. How could we have passed by this pile of pure fun for so long?! never fear, you're here now and your welcome. Handmade responsibly in Spain, the creation of @blancamiro and @mariadelaord is vintage inspired, bold and just damn beautiful. 

If there's one label known for their florals its Faithfull the Brand. Season after season producing the feminine & timeless prints of our dreams, blooms of all shapes, sizes and colour palettes these ladies nail it every single time. 

Another 'where have they been all my life?' brand crossing our radar is Danish designed label Stine Goya. The eponymous label not only a rich exploration of colour and print but also dedicated to sustainable practices with their product/planet/people ethos shining through. 

And because we believe in quality over quantity, last up is Kika Vargas. One look at the Colombian designers creations has us absolutely swooning. It's not just the endless epic florals on these designs but the statement sleeves, collars and well just everything tbh. We're in loooove. 


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