09 Aug 2021

Four hemp products you never knew you could wear

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Image by Afends

Is it just us, or is hemp clothing not getting the recognition it deserves? If you haven't before looked into the miracle that is hemp clothing, consider this your little but obvious push to do so. 

I mean to list just a few of its benefits, hemp is not only super soft and breathable, it's also anti-bacterial, moisture wicking annnddd has super human strength... well close to it, lasting up to 8 times longer than regular cotton fibre, think of the waste you could save by making the switch!! 

Not to mention, hemp has the power to enrich the soil it grows in, giving back to our mama earth and while doing so using about half the amount of water than required to grow cotton, mind. blown. 

So because we believe this magical fabric should be shown some more love, we've stepped in as it's personal hype girl. Starting with a list of four hemp products you never knew you could wear! 

We couldn't think of a better use for such a fabric than for our underwear of course. We don't know about you but we are max comfort kinda gals and it's an added bonus when the designs are also cute. Wama underwear is delivering the goods with thier eco friendly, organic hemp underwear for both ladies and gents. With a focus on transperancy and a passion for educating on the benefits of hemp Wama is your go to for all things brief. 

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2021 is shaping up to match last years title of 'year of the loungewear' and what better way to lounge than in style, comfort and with a clear conscious. St Agni's line of hemp basics is making all of the above possible. With a range of tees, singlets, shorts, pants and dresses all made from a hemp/cotton blend you really have no reason not to take one of each.

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Not just a hemp denim jacket but an entire range of hemp denim, Afends is on the hemp train and leading the way with their 'Hemp Revolution' campaign. Championing the big fashion brands to follow suit to a more sustainable future for fashion and providing us with epic threads while doing so. 

As if we didn't already love Superga enough, they now have a new eco friendly range that is a made from a natural hemp & organic cotton blend. Made in all of their iconic silhouettes the range is durable, impermeable and hypoallergenic. 

And so the final touch to our hemp wardrobe is complete with these good looking kicks. 


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