19 Aug 2021

How to appear more natural on camera

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by Claudia Lamb of Louder Now 

Being in front of a camera isn’t the most natural thing in the world, and like most things, it requires practice.

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

1. Don’t over-prepare

Preparation is important, but we recommend dot pointing your main talking points rather than writing a detailed script. Often people trip themselves up trying to say everything word for word rather than focusing on the reason they’re saying what they’re saying in the first place.

2. Speak about what you love

If you are passionate about what you’re talking about, your speech will flow a lot easier. People would rather watch someone trip over their words over something that lights up their soul than listen to a flawlessly executed presentation on Facebook’s terms and conditions.

3. Do your introduction at the end

Once you have gotten into the flow of your video and are ready to finish up, capture your introduction. You’ll be warmed up and more likely to match the tone of the rest of the video.

4. Grab your coffee

It’s not uncommon for each actor to be given a prop for a scene. Why? Because your hands become increasingly more awkward when you haven’t got anything to do with them and are hyper-aware of it. So try holding your coffee or a notebook to stop you from re-adjusting your hair every two seconds.

5. Don’t compare yourself

Most likely, everyone else is doing just as many takes as you to get it right. Even the professionals getting paid to speak in front of a camera mess up their lines so quit beating yourself up over it and be proud of yourself for giving it a go.

6. Get pumped up

Listen to a hype song before you hit record. If it can get you through the gym door, it can get you through a video. Feel unstoppable blasting WAP and give it everything you got.

We hope this helps you pick up the camera and start rattling off about whatever sets your soul on fire.


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