24 Jul 2021

How to sell your unwanted items to make some extra cash

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by Betsy Westcott of Ladies Finance Club

Betsy regularly shares with us little swaps, moves and savings tips to help you get a little more financially fit!

Today’s tip - generate some extra cash for yourself by selling unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

It's super easy to do just download the app, create your listing by uploading photos of your item with a description, name your price and post!

After recently moving house I've sold an Office Chair, a Mattress, a Bookshelf, a couple of Rugs, some Bedside Table, a Console Table, two Dining tables and a Bed head netting myself around $2,500. Some of the items sold I had previously bought second hand and made a slight profit on.

It doesn't hurt to contribute to the circular economy and reduce waste either! 

I've found that having good lighting and nicely styled pictures helps items to sell along with a good description. Brand name items like West Elm or Nick Scali tend to hold their value better than generic items like IKEA.

Some people use these market places to flip items. By that I mean they buy an items that's going cheap and then relist it later for a higher price to make a profit.

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