29 May 2021

How YCL Jewels began

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We were lucky enough to ask Fabienne Costa founder of YCL Jewels and all round leading lady about her journey and how YCL came to be, what tools she has learnt to help when challenging times arise in the business, what advice she has for aspiring creatives and women in business as well as a bunch more.

Q1: Please share with us what you do and how it came to be?
I am the founder & creative director of an Australian jewellery label called YCL Jewels, based on the sunny Gold Coast. I had been making jewellery since I was 13 and decided one day when I was 21 years old that I would leave behind all that was familiar to me and start a brand with no training or knowledge in business, no money and no idea what I was doing!

Q2: Was YCL always on the cards for you? or did you have other dreams growing up?
I had been nursing in Aged Care Mental Health & Dementia since I was 15, and was two subjects out from graduating a bachelor of nursing when quit my degree and job to start YCL. I wouldn't say it was a 'dream', just more what I had been doing for so long and what I knew. I didn't know I had this wild dream and vision for my life until I started YCL.

Q3: What is your biggest pinch-me career moment?
There has been many, but probably when Lorde wore YCL pieces on the stages of Coachella. My partner and I are HUGE Lorde fans, so that was pretty crazy!

Q4: Being as busy with YCL as you are, how do you balance work and life?
It's a non-negotiable priority, simple. Since the day I needed to start hiring a team I ensured my mental and physical health were number one. As I learned pretty early on that if I was not functioning at my optimum, I then intern was not showing up for my team or brand.

Q5: There's obviously a lot of elements involved in YCL, what do you find the most satisfying?
Due to the fact that I am the CEO and Creative Director, my role varies day to day and I love it all! I love developing the business, strategising on marketing campaigns, & leading a team, and in contrast I also love designing the pieces, directing photoshoots and curating sets. I am a multi-passionate person so I thrive having so many different facets as part of my role.

Q6: What are you most passionate about?
Living a fulfilling, mindful & purposeful life.

Q7: What are your top 3?
I love this question!
1. Multi-tasking. I can be cooking, working, and on a conference call and kill it at it all!
2. I am a powerful manifestor.
3. I often have lucid dreams.

Q8: We've all experiences those times in business when you just feel like throwing in the towel... what tools have you learnt to get you through those times?
I have learnt over the years to remain in a state of steady balance. In business we have huge, life-altering ebb's & flows, and if we don't learn how to manage those internally it can become very depleting.

Q9: What advice would you offer to aspiring creatives and women in business?
Free yourself from fear, and take that risk! Your vision and dreams are so worth it.

Q10: What does happiness look like through the eyes of Fabienne?
Happiness through my lens is sunlight on my skin, a cool breeze in my hair, watching sunsets with my love, kissing my fur children. Happiness is practicing gratitude daily for the life I have created for myself.

Q11: Do you have a morning ritual?
I do! In all honesty I am living in a few different houses right now whilst our home on the Gold Coast is in its final stages of being built, so I am feeling a little unsettled. This throws my morning rituals out a bit, which I surrender to and am gentle with. When I can I love to start my day with a beach or forest walk (joys of living on the Gold Coast I am very close to both), a meditation, and Mushroom Tonic. This gives me vitality and sets my intention for the day.

Q12: Where in the world is your favourite place to have a vino? any exciting trips for you coming up?
Anywhere with my beautiful man! And I have a few work trips coming up.

Q13: Who or what are you listening to or reading right now?
Reading Circe, listing to Casefiles podcast, and playing Fortnite (does that count haha!?).

Q14: One last thing, share with us a fun fact about yourself, something that others may not know about you?
I swear a lot, have a crude sense of humour, and have a very sensitive sense of smell.


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