10 Jun 2021

Look good, feel good

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Image by Hansen & Gretel
Words by Georgie Sykes

Have you ever heard that colourful clothes can improve your mood? Well, that’s the theory behind ‘dopamine dressing’; wearing bright colours and fun clothes can lift your mood and release dopamine in your brain, the effect of this is simple – you feel good!

We’ve taken a look at fashion trends that dip a toe into the world of health trends and will make you feel dope…amin!

Never underestimate the power of a colour pop
Can a splash of colour in your outfit really bring a smile? Yes, trust us - it works! There’s something about the way bright colour or a fun print completely transforms an outfit to make it so much more enjoyable to wear. Hansen and Gretel’s new sunset range is giving us serious feel good vibes, not only will you feel good but you’ll look chic too!

If a rainbow dress is slightly too sunshine and rainbows for you, try an accessory with a pop of colour instead. Bobby Universe does some amazing statement bags that will bring some luxury and bold colour to your outfit.

Finally, there’s also an external element to dressing yourself happy. If you wear a tee with a feel good quote or a smiley face you’re projecting it to other people and they will project it back to you. Win-win!

Image by Bobby Universe

Comfort is key
Wearing the rainbow is just the beginning, you’re not going to find the pot of gold if you’re too uncomfortable to get there! Follow your own fashion trend and wear something that makes sense to you, and you will radiate confidence and happiness.

Dopamine will be released when you feel good in what you wear, that might just be your staple jeans which have got you through nice top and jeans situations to casual coffee strolls. Wear clothes that you feel confident to move in, and if they are bold and bright that’s a bonus!

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Image by Hansen & Gretel

Feeling feline?
Are you ready to take it to the next step…we think you are! We know adding colour to your wardrobe is a good way to project good vibes from the inside out but how about adding a fierce print, leopard print. It’s technically a catch-all term for all big cat prints, including cheetah or jaguar - think big cat energy. Leopard motifs are used to signify power and confidence and have been for centuries, but why?

Perhaps the print appeal has something to do with the way we feel about the animal itself. It’s beautiful, but we know the dangers. This could also be why we have such strong connotations to women wearing leopard print, we appreciate their beauty but we’ll stay back as we’re just a little intimidated.

Adding some leopard print to your wardrobe has become a staple of the ‘capsule closet’, and an opportunity to make you feel full of confidence. Never Fully Dressed have an abundance of feel good styles but their sell-out Jaspre Leopard print skirt is loved by celebs and influencers worldwide. The leopard print wrap skirt will make you feel fearless, especially when it comes to trying out new combinations of silhouettes or colours.

Leopard wrap skirt 1800x1800
Image by Never Fully Dressed

So try it out, look good and feel even better. By good, we mean comfortable and confident. No matter your shape, size or style, you’ll find a bright outfit to boost your mood.

As soon as you find something that makes you question ‘is this too much?’ it’s not – go bigger and brighter. The sooner you start dressing for yourself and not others, the more dopamine is released and the happier you will feel!


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