17 Aug 2021

Magali Pascal on supporting those around you

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Meet Magali Pascal, the inspirational woman behind much loved fashion brand Magali Pascal. Known for pieces that are effortlessly feminine and modern, the brand operates four resort boutiques in Bali alongside a flagship store in Sydney, Australia.

From becoming lost in the art of museums when she was a girl to following her creative passion, Magali is inspired by art, travel, magazines and the many women that surround her.

In this interview we chat with Magali about her brand evolution, creating every piece with purpose and always supporting those around you.

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Q1: Hi Magali, welcome to the Woman Of Series! Can you tell us what it is you create?
Hi! I’m Magali, founder and creative director of fashion brand Magali Pascal. We design effortlessly feminine & modern pieces.

Q2: When did you start designing? What inspired you to go down this path?
I’ve always been creative, and as a child my grandmother used to take me to museums in Paris and I would be lost in the art for hours. When it came to picking my studies, I knew I wanted to be in the arts, and I’d always loved working with fabrics so I decided to study fashion design. During my studies I learnt how to pattern make and design couture pieces and I haven’t put down my pencil since then!

I moved to Bali after visiting once during my travels post-studies, and designed a small capsule collection and a year later, in 2006, I opened my first boutique. The brand has of course grown since then and now we design four collections a year, that we sell in-store, online, and wholesale to exclusive stockists worldwide.

Q3: Talk us through your creative process. How do you reach your signature style?
Usually I am most inspired by my travels - I really enjoy discovering new places, architecture, art, the vintage markets. But in the last 12 months my inspiration has come from mental reveries since I haven’t been able to travel. I lose myself in art books, magazines, and even recipe books.

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Q4: What is your favourite piece you’ve created? Why?
I create purposefully, so every piece is my favourite piece! But I currently feel most proud of the Birkin Denim styles we recently launched. It was the first time we did denim, and they have a 70’s aesthetic to them which I adore. The pleated belt detail makes the style unique but they are still very wearable. They have become my new day to day, go-to pieces.

Q5: What single tool or strategy have you found invaluable to your business so far?
To not take things personally! Having my own business means I am putting myself out there on the line, and it can be a very vulnerable position to be in. But over time I’ve learnt that I can’t take things personally when things don’t plan out as I had hoped… Everything happens for a reason and there’s always a lesson to be learnt, but it’s not worth beating myself up over it.

Q6: What (and who) is involved in the process of bringing your products to life?
I have an incredible team here in Bali! And we’ve grown so much in the last three years. I have a senior designer who helps me put my designs to paper, and a team of sample sewers who bring my designs to life.

We have a design and production team, including product development, sourcing, factory management, who ensure our pieces are of the highest quality and delivered on time. A wholesale & PR department, a marketing team, and GM who sails the ship!

And we of course have an incredible team of seamstresses, pattern makers, and QC, that are the heart of the business.

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Q7: What is your big hope and dream for your work?
I would love to see Magali Pascal continue to grow and be in key major stockists, recognised for not just our dresses and tops, but our outerwear and more tailored pieces too.

Q8: What are your top 3 superpowers?

  • Driven
  • Focused
  • Passionate

Q9: We’re all about women inspiring women. Who inspires you?
I am inspired by all women! My friends, my mother, my daughter, my team… Each one of us has a superpower being a woman and it’s an absolute pleasure to be surrounded by so many women.

I am also inspired by Kamala Harris, Coco Chanel, and Simone Veil. All incredible women in their own rights, paving the way for women ahead.

Q10: What advice would you impart on the next generation of women, and women in business?
To keep going, embrace & enjoy the journey, and to support those around you. It can feel a little lonely starting out on your own, but I really wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from all the women I received at the beginning of Magali Pascal and throughout.

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