03 Apr 2021

Magic Darks - what are they?

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By Missy Mitchell of Spiritually Sourced

Magic Darks are a time where we enter into ourselves to heal. They are a time when we feel raw, vulnerable and unsure of our future.

Often also referred to as ‘rock bottoms’, these periods in life feel energetically heavy, weighed down with anxiety and insecurity.

What is beautiful about these times, is that they guide us back to our own internal light. We are allocated these times in order to understand ourselves on a much deeper level.

Magic Darks are often the period of time before and during our spiritual awakening, but what we don’t talk about is that Magic Darks will continue to enter and weave throughout your life.

The human experience is full of situations and scenarios that will test you and ultimately guide you back to your truest essence - your soul.

These periods of darkness are always followed by immense illumination and expansion. Just like the metaphor we have all heard - the caterpillar entering the cocoon that emerges as a butterfly, we too emerge as the highest version of ourselves.


  • CALL UPON YOUR SOUL FAMILY - even if you feel like being alone, reach out to your soul family or accept their help. This can be as simple as a heartfelt message, stating that they are there. The biggest lesson I have learnt during my Magic Dark(s) is to communicate what you are experiencing
  • CREATE SPACE FOR YOUR EMPOWERMENT PRACTICES - in other words, self care. Take the pressure off of yourself to show up as energetically as you once have. Honour your healing process and know that you have infinite time (because time doesn’t really exist) to create, explore and connect. Right now is about you. This means creating space for your practices that serve you, meditation, EFT tapping, grounding, embodiment practices, connection techniques and rest.
  • ASK FOR HELP - this relates back to your soul family, ask for help. Call upon those that have navigated the same path before you. Invest in yourself, find a mentor or a coach. There is no shame in admitting that you’re in a dark space - in fact, it is the bravest thing you can do and will then pave the way for others following you.
  • REMEMBER IT IS NOT ALL LOVE + LIGHT - ah yes, my favourite. Life is not about spiritual bypassing. We came here to experience the full spectrum on human emotions. this includes the darkness that comes with the journey. Learning to embrace that is the hardest part of shadow work or our Magic Darks. Feel no pressure to embody the vibration of love + light all of the time, if that was our souls intention, we would have never incarnated on Earth.

I coined these periods of ‘rock bottoms’ Magic Darks because they are truly that, a period of darkness that invokes the magic of life. Polarity exists so that we can appreciate both sides. While this time may feel difficult and heavy, recognise the light that lies within.


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