01 Aug 2021

Navigating your human experience with Missy Mitchell

Photo by Missy Empowerment Mentor

Written by Missy Mitchell

When we enter this life, we do so as a soul. A cosmic, empowered soul who has chosen to enter Earth in a specific body, in a specific place at a specific time.

This is why our astrology charts act as an incredible tool for navigating the human experience.

Our journeys are a contract that we sign to learn, grow and evolve. This doesn’t mean that this journey doesn’t suck sometimes. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy.  But, for fear of sounding ‘lofty’, spiritual empowerment sure as hell does.

When we begin to question our existence, our purpose (hello late twenties) and our overall role on this giant, spinning orb, things can get pretty dark at times. I like to call this a ‘magic dark’.

Magic, because it eventually leads us to learning about ourselves on a deeper level than knowing our fave colour and who our fave Kardashian is, and dark, well because it can f*cking suck (excuse moi le francais).

But why in the heck do our souls choose to go through this? If we’re such empowered souls when we enter Earth, where does this empowerment go and why do we have to ‘find’ it again?

It’s because our lives are the greatest learning experiment. It is an experience to fully surrender to the full spectrum of ‘human’ emotions.

We forget the minor detail that we are eternal, cosmic beings to really rub salt into the wound of this experience.

Our spiritual awakening, often entering the scene after a magic dark, is the process of remembering this minor, yet monumental, piece of information and our internal world is shoved into the limelight.

It is through this process that things like our *insert buzz word here* purpose becomes apparent and we begin to live from a space of self love, (and no, I don’t mean face masks and bubble baths, I mean love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye self love).

So where does astrology come into all of this?

Our astrology chart can be viewed as a ‘road map’ to our journey. The planets, placements and signs are our clues on how our soul has chosen to navigate this life. When we can read that roadmap, the path becomes a little clearer.

But astrology isn’t the only road map we have. Meditation, working with our cycle, Human Design, breath work, channeling, oracle cards, reiki, self pleasure and grounding are just some of the other roads we can take.

What road you take is completely dependent on what journey feels good to you.

The beautiful thing about our empowerment journey is that there are no rules, no dead ends and no one way streets. There is only a vast, open highway, waiting for us to take the first steps towards it.

Earthbound, my new membership, is all about navigating your human experience and the different roads you can take.

For the soul who entered Earth and now feels confused AF. The modern day mystic. The empowerment seeker. I want you to know that you’ve got this. You are powerful. You are cosmic and you are loved.

I’ll see you there.


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