31 Dec 2020

New Year, new intentions, same old shit

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By Missy Mitchell of Spiritually Sourced

It’s the New Year, you’ve been merry, hungover and you’re ready to leave the shit show that was 2020 behind.

(update: I started writing this before further shit hit the fan)

You sit down, ready to write your New Year's resolutions and the same goals that you wrote last year begins to pour out of you.

You get excited, saying to yourself ‘this really is the year I am going to do xyz!’. You share with your friends, all cheering each other on, ready for this transformative year to come.

January starts off well. You still hold that excitement. February comes and you’re back into the swing of things and you begin to notice the slide effect in motivation.

Then, March rolls around. You’re thinking ‘fuck, I should really get onto those resolutions’.





Another year, no changes.

It’s the same marketing gimmick that globo gyms offer each year. ‘New Year, New You’.

But what if, stick with me here, what if it was ‘New Year, same me but with some growth’.

Habits, beliefs, goals all take time. They require thought, work and intention. There are no quick fixes in life. Only the desire to truly expand out of something that no longer serves you.

When you write out your New Year's resolutions, are you truly stopping to process why you’re listing these things? What is it that is compelling you to change yourself?

In order to truly create a shift in our life, we have to find more discomfort in remaining the same than creating that change.

Read that again.

Then ask yourself, how uncomfortable am I right now? Do I feel discomfort in my day to day life? Am I living to my full potential and expression?

These are the kind of questions that draw you to your own conclusions of what intentions you want to bring into the new year.

Not ‘I want to get fit because society has told me I now need rock hard abs to be worthy’.

Let’s focus more on, what will make me feel worthy within myself? What will make me feel good? Who is the person I want to be? And then begin to embody that.

That’s not to say it is going to be easy, but I think after the 2020 we’ve all had, embodying who you want to be seems like a walk in a park next to surviving a global pandemic.

You’ve fucking got this.


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