31 Aug 2021

Our fave 5 DIY accounts to follow

Photo by Geneva Vanderzeil in Brisbane

Image via genevavanderzeil

Whether you're reno-ing your first home, stuck inside on a rainy long weekend or just love keeping your hands busy, DIYing it is always a good time

If not just for the "I made it myself" brag, a little DIY can save you big dollars in the long run AND you get to learn new skills along the way. It's obvious, we're a big fan. However we know it can be hard to know where to start when your'e trawling through 1001 youtube videos on macrame wall hangings and the perfect winged eyeliner. 

Never fear, we've found the best of the best and compiled our list of 5 DIY accounts to follow so you have a little bit of extra time on your hands for the fun stuff... Happy DIYing. 

At the top of our list Geneva Vanderzeil is the DIYer of all DIYers. As you can see by her impressive at home workspace the author of ‘Home Is Where You Make It’ is a pro. She's got tutorials on everything from Leather hanging shelves, and face art planters to vertical herb gardens and up-cycling tables. 

Maddy from The Essentials Club is our DIY sewing queen. With her Youtube tutorials racking up to 1 million views there's no doubt that she's one to watch.. literally. Her easy to follow sewing tutes and good vibes are the perfect company for our rainy days at home. 

While the DIY's on the Peppa Hart gram are a rare occurrence they are worthy of all the love! Believe us, when you see Peppa and her husbands handy work on their dreamy home in the hinterland you'll be hanging out for more, just like us... THE TILES THOUGH!!!

Havn't got a lot of spare time but love getting on the DIY train?! Jaharn of Smor Kitchen not only shares her simple lifestyle & craft tutorials that can be done with the help of the littlies, she's also got a bunch of yummy recipes you can easily replicate. It's a yes from us. 

For all things DIY interiors Do It Yourself Interior curates an entire feed of aesthetically pleasing interior hacks by the best. Carved candles, bathtub makeovers, DIY day beds the list goes on! Be warned, this one is a rabbit hole.


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