06 Sep 2021

Our favourite Spring sips

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Oh Spring you good thing... we have been waiting patiently for you to come back around.  

With the sunshine creeping in earlier, mango flowers blossoming and things starting to heat up enough to ditch the wetsuit. What better way to celebrate our favourite season than to do so in style, sipping on a refreshing beverage after a hard day of catching rays.  

With a little something for each pallet, we've compiled a short but sweet list of our favourite spring sips below... cheers!

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Easing us out of winter and into the early spring days is this 2019 REED 'Alexia' Grenache from the geniuses at Astro Vino

A wine thoughtfully chosen to match the horoscope... well, you had me at wine. Seriously though, if theres one thing better than gossiping horoscopes while sipping a vino with the girls it is sipping a vino curated especially for me, myself and I. 

And for the perfectionist month of all months, this red is where purity meets practicality, a homage to the Virgo nature.

The Virgo: 'Your soul’s purpose is to help; to assist on a practical level. You are a kind, committed supporter who draws on your clever resourcefulness to solve the problems of those around you. You smooth the edges of the mess which is life.' - Astro Vino 

The Vino: 'There is an allure to this wine, an element of exclusivity, owing to the expression of aged vines. Complex and concentrated in flavour, yet light and delicate in body. In essence, a truly beautiful Grenache.' - Astro Vino

And one final note from the winemaker themselves.... “deceptively smashable”. 

Enough said.  

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It's a 30 degree day and you've been down the beach from the early hours, your hair is salty and your skin is a little to pink after 5+ hours in the spring sun, you sweat it up the beach stairs chuck the board in the car and tell your pals you'll meet them for a refreshing drink ... 

Well I can guarantee at this point there is not one thing more refreshing than cracking a Boiling Pot Guava Sour

A local love we would truly be lost without, this Noosa brewery is bringing the best to the table when it comes to coldys. 

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Would it be spring without an arvo Rosé and cheese board? 

An environmentally conscious one at that. Yep, this one is not only for the wine lovers but also the sustainably minded (that's all of us though right?!) 

Tread Softly's Yarra Valley Rose has a very pretty fruit palate showing hints of strawberries and cream with a dust of tannins, a nice dry finish and a refreshing burst of acidity.

aaaand they plant a tree for each six pack of these good gals sold. Go on, we know, you know you'll drink them all. 

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Florals For Spring - Groundbreaking!

Better than just a sip, the Mr Consistant florals for spring pack will have you kicking back with your boujee cocktail in hand sipping from your fancy AF coupe, topped with some 24k gold and flowers all while the scent of spring soothes you... 

This door front delivery is enough to put a spring in anyones step... (See what I did there :P)  

So what will it be.. Margi, cosmo, sours or stitch up? 

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Last but not least, a DIY spring sip. 

If we're not drooling over her delicious pasta and dumpling recipes, were dreaming of Friday arvo so we can attempt her cocktail creations. 

Jessica Nguyen seems to make magic with her finger tips and we had to hit the save tab on this little number. 

A sweet, crisp, glass of perfection this Lychee Martini will be the main character in our upcoming show 'Spring has Sprung'. 

Find the ingredients and how to over on her gram.


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