23 Aug 2021

Our go-to list of refreshingly feminist TV series we'll be re-watching this season

Phoebe Waller Bridge Fleabag

Maybe it's the combination of the world shutting down for a significantly large portion of the last two years, and the fact that we've had not much to do other than watch TV shows and drink wine.  But it seems as though whenever we chat to someone about our current affairs, we're all in the same boat as each other at the minute... we've run out of quality, entertaining TV series to binge. 

You might say there are some more pressing issues to be dealing with, or you might say 'well go outside and kick a ball' (shoosh mum). But once again we are locked into our abodes and really we just want something damn good to watch, have a lol and take our mind off it all. 

Well, we may not have anything brand spankin' to whip out for you my dear, but we have curated our go-to list of female lead and refreshingly feminist series to re-watch this season (weekend). 


Is there anything more entertaining in a TV series than an all too relatable dysfunctional family dynamic?! Throw in a hot priest and you've got yourself Fleabag.

is the story of a 20 something Londoner who is trying to cope with the aftermath of traumatic events, keep her failing small business alive (it's a guinea pig themed cafe btw) and navigate a family who suppress all and any emotion.  

The lead, Claire; a self destructive and sex obsessed...human, is played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, writer & creator of the brilliant show. 

While the story plays out the many difficulties of the human experience, Fleabag's journey to find love and acceptance for herself is portrayed with some extremely questionable and hilarious behaviour. 

And while it left us wanting more (more issues that we can laugh about because they are not technically our own), the sad news is that Waller-Bridge has confirmed no third season to the show. 

Yep, that just means a re-watch is in order and maybe a re-re-watch. 

It really is so. damn. good.

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See image below for hot priest evidence... 

Hot priest
Image via Amazon Prime

Broad City Follows Illana & Abbi, two pot smoking, (usually) broke, undriven best friends through their day to day lives and shenanigans in New York City. 

The pair manage to turn even the smallest task into a three day bender, drug induced philosophical ideal or random hookup. 

While Abbi has a relatively consistent job as a health club cleaner, in which she is desperate for praise and always dreaming of a promotion to trainer by her 'douchebag' and sometimes lover boss. Illana spends her time in an on again-off again relationship with Lincoln (played by Hannibal Buress), her dog loving dentist who would do pretty much anything for her. 

Ending up in dark alleyways with predatory figures all too often, the namesake characters turn literally anything into a laugh and beg us to ask the question, why do we take life so serious?! 

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Villanelle is the unexpected, psychopathic assassin that you kind of want to be best friends with. 

Her subtle humour and overt sarcasm, thirst for a life filled with adventure (killing) and fantastic wardrobe are what makes it all too understandable when a secret and forbidden romance blooms between her and the M15 intelligence agent hired to investigate her.  

Killing eve is the spy thriller we never knew we wanted.

It's portrayal of obsession over that in which you cant have, until it ultimately breaks you (or gets you shot) feels familiar and comforting in an odd way. 

While we patiently await the delayed release of season 4 in 2022, season 1-3 will most certainly be getting another play. 

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Okay Okay, we lied!

This one happens to be a new contender to the arena. But alas, it is a quickie..  and with season two still a while away, we're just throwing it out there that it may get a thrashing. 

Starstruck is another relatable and humorous take on those memorable(or not so much)years in your 20's. 

The lead Jessie played by creator and co-writer Rose Matafeo is a blazé kiwi, living abroad in London who has a drunken new years hookup that turns into an unlikely love story. 

The story is an easy to watch, witty and enjoyable tale that traverses us through a handful of uncomfortable run in's with her celebrity hookup, the varying relationships encountered in her dead end jobs and a bestie flat mate that throws unconventional murder mystery parties. 

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