25 Jul 2021

Our top 5 Astrology accounts to follow

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While the age old horoscope still seems to be a divider in opinion everywhere we go, we ourselves can't deny the fun, relate-ability and little bit of magic that they can bring to our day. 

The divine practice of astrology and our universal truths can provide us with a glimpse into our individual traits, personalities and life cycles and in turn provide us with a different way of seeing the world and ourselves.

So to get you started on your astrology journey we've put together a list of our top 5 astrology accounts on instagram & we can guarantee it will only be a matter of time before we see you sharing Scorpio memes. 

Nadine Jane is an Astrologer and host of "What Time Was I Born?" podcast. Her monthly mantras for the star signs are uplifting and inspirational.

Tarot reader, Astrologer and Writer Leah Whitehorse is dedicated to the cause, with daily+ updates on what lunar lessons are going down at all times. 

Amy of Sisters Village is an Astrologer, Cosmic Guide, Writer and Creator of Magic. Her unique take on the stars and their signs is portrayed through her empowering excerpts and quotes to guide you. 

Missy Mitchell's name is almost too fitting for her all things mystical practice. The priestess, coach and intuitive channel shares her insights and astrological guidance throughout her Instagram lives, posts and captions. 

Astrologer and NYT best selling author of 'You Were Born for This' Chani Nichols uses astrology as a language to bring social justice matters to the forefront and provide us with passion and self-acceptance to point us towards our purpose. 


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