13 Sep 2021

Our top summer sun safety thangs

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Oh summer, how we love thy. From long days by the ocean to long alfresco lunches, there's nothing we love more than some summer fun in the sun. 

But ladies, all of that fun in the sun means we need to be extra vigilant with our sun safety. Because as said by guru @calltimeonmelanoma, sun damage is cumulative. It adds up like coins in a piggy bank. And you can’t undo it.

Cosmetic damage (aka hyperpigmentation) can often be zapped with laser but DNA damage is forever, and that’s the shit that can cause cancer. Every unprotected minute means more damage. And eventually more wrinkles if that’s something you care about.

So go on and make summer sun safety an easy non-negotiable with our top safety thangs. Your future self will thank you (and us) for it.

Slip on a shirt and cover up your skin
Treat yourself to an oversized shirt to throw on in-between dips. We love this lemon classic cover up shirt from Zulu and Zephyr. It's made from lightweight organic cotton so it's super comfy and won't make you overheat.

Slop some SPF on your bod

It goes without saying, you need to apply SPF. Check out Mother SPF, a hydrating, everyday physical sunscreen using only 9 sustainably sourced and certified organic ingredients.

Their star active ingredient (Non Nano Zinc Oxide) provides superior broad spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays. Zinc oxide is also an anti-inflammatory powerhouse and nutrient rich mineral that is reef friendly and 100% photostable (AKA never breaks down in the presence of sunlight).

Generously lather all over your bod before you leave the house, keeping you protected and safe from harsh UV rays.

And slop on some SPF for your face

Don't forget about your precious face when applying sunscreen! To keep your skin hydrated and in check, we suggest a facial screen. 

Ultra Violette's Supreme Screen SPF 50+ is our go-to. A hydrating, high SPF formula with a clean scent, Supreme is an all-rounder that’s perfect for normal to dry skin, or anyone who doesn’t know which SPF is right for them.

Don't forget! According to @cancercouncil and @calltimeonmelanoma, you need to apply one full teaspoon of sunscreen (or moisturiser with sunscreen) to achieve proper SPF coverage for your face, ears and neck. That’s quite a bit. Chances are you’re not applying that much.

Slap on a hat
Do we really need to explain this one? Buy a hat girl. And wear it. Bonus points if you choose something that is accredited with a UPF Rating 50+, like this one from Lack of Color. 

Seek some shade 
Don't be a dill and bake yourself in the sun. Seek shade whenever you can, or bring your own with a beach umbrella or tent! These ones from Basil Bangs not only look great, but are weather proof, come with UPF50+ protection, and are easy to carry. 

Slide on some sunnies
Did you know that your eyes can get sunburnt? It's true! Just like with skin, overexposure to the sun can damage your eyes and result in long term problems such as cataracts, surfer's eye, squamous cell cancers and, yes, melanomas (check out @calltimeonmelanoma for more details on this particular topic).

So if you care about your eyes, you need to invest in some good quality sunglasses. We're talking category 3 or more! This will ensure that your sunglasses provide a high level of sun glare reduction and good level of UV protection. Lucy Folk's Ibicenca sunglasses tick all of the boxes. 


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