19 Aug 2021

Punch is served: 10 hacks for punchy copywriting

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by Bossy Creative

We might be bias, but copywriting is the best way to create a bold, attention-grabbing, popular, cult status brand. Combine it with killer branding, a great product or service and a strong strategy and you’re set!

This episode of the Bossy. Type Podcast features 10 easy, practical things you can do to instantly make your brand more bold, just through copywriting. I know what you’re thinking: I suck with words.

Let me stop you right there by saying you don’t have to be a copywriter for this. These tricks are super simple and easy, but very, very effective.

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  • Pimping out your landing page
  • Learning to write ‘the hook’
  • Writing punchy, concise copy
  • How to make your emails more fun
  • Dressing up your internal documents
  • Being more conversational
  • How to use exclamation marks

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