15 Jul 2021

Quality over quantity with An Organised Life

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Launched by Beck Wadworth, brand and blog An Organised Life was born out of the desire to bring structure and organisation into busy lives.

The label currently offers a curated selection of minimalistic stationery products including calendars, diaries, notebooks, and downloadable essentials that are stocked at over 45 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

In this interview we chat to Beck about the importance of quality over quantity, always trusting your gut and going with your creative waves. 

Q1: Hi Beck, welcome to the Woman Of Series! Can you tell us what it is you create?
I create premium stationery and content dedicated to organising busy lives.

Q2: How did you break into the industry? And how do you continue to create a point of difference?
I always relied on a diary year after year to write down my important dates, lists and goals. When I moved to Sydney I wanted a diary - however I couldn’t find one that was functional yet had an element of style to compliment my monochrome and minimalistic aesthetic. I realised there was a gap in the market and this was when An Organised Life was born. From there I designed my first diary, found a printer and bookbinder, produced just 300 diaries and started on my marketing and PR Plan! They sold out in 3 weeks and there was no turning back after that!

Our point of difference has always been that we create premium stationery that stands the test of time with both style and function in mind. Our goal is to organise, inspire, motive and educate.

Q3: Can you give us a snapshot of your creative process?
I always get my best ideas at the strangest of times. I could be triggered by a one off comment someone makes, a quote, an artist or a problem a friend has. I’ve learnt over the years to go with my creative waves. Quite often I will sit on an idea for months and perfect it in my head then once I put pen to paper it comes to fruition quickly. The design process is one of my favourites and there is nothing better than opening up the box to see the final product in a hard copy version. 

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Q4: We’re noticing more and more brands and businesses creating intentionally. Do you believe it is important to have a message behind what you do, and if so, what is this to you?
This is a really important part of my brand. Whenever I design a new product or create a new piece of content I am always aiming for it to have a purpose. Either to organise, to educate, to motive or to inspire.

I don’t set out to design X amount of products a year, I set out to add functional pieces to the brand that can stand the test of time & help our customer. And I’m happy to wait until a product is perfect before launching it. For example, our Together Journal x AOL Wedding Planner took a full year to create because we spent the first 6 months researching and collating all the valuable information to assist couples planning their big day. Attention to detail is key.

My motto has always been quality over quantity with my business and it will always remain this way.

Q5: What has been the biggest lesson in your journey so far?
Not trusting my gut.

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Q6: What have you found is important in life and business to you? Have your priorities shifted over time?
Business wise, I think staying true to my brand has been important. When you stick to your core purpose it makes your focus and goals very clear.

Personally, the older I get the more I have focused on living a balanced life. This has been a huge focus this year and I have personally prioritised health and wellbeing a lot more. It’s important to fill your tank with everything that makes you happy in life. Work is a huge part of this, but so is family & loved ones, times of stillness, great food, beautiful memories, moving your body and everything in between.

Q7: With this in mind, what is your big hope and dream for your work?
To help my customers reach their goals, stay organised and live a balanced life.

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Q8: What are your top 3 superpowers?

  1. Ultra organised (of course)
  2. A positive mindset
  3. The ability to problem solve and always acknowledging the best and worst case scenario

Q9: We’re all about women inspiring women. Who inspires you?

My family, my friends and lots of female business owners who are leading the way in their fields. Taking risks, inspiring and supporting. For example Jo at MECCA, Eleanor Pendleton from Gritty Pretty, Maggie Hewitt from Maggie Marilyn and many more.

Q10: What advice would you impart on the next generation of women, and women in business?
Go with your gut, dream big, set goals, work hard and be respectful.


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