02 Dec 2020

Self love and empowerment with MIS.SEA

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Melissa Mitchell is the woman. behind MIS.SEA, a powerful mix of online empowerment and self love courses for women, oracle/tarot psychic card readings and the Spiritually Sourced podcast.

We chat to her about the importance of mental health, meditation and how it can impact your personal and business life and how having a morning routine can set you up for a productive day ahead.

Q1: In your own words, please tell us what you do and how it came to be...
This is so exciting! Thank you for asking me to do this. I run online empowerment/self love courses for women and I also offer oracle/tarot psychic card readings. I have recently just started my podcast ‘Spiritually Sourced’. I started this after my ‘magic dark’, this was a time in my life where I was deep in depression and severe anxiety. After using spiritual tools and empowerment practices to help me, I wanted to offer these tools to help other women on their own journeys!

Q2: You combine a lot of passions throughout your work... Meditation, oracle and tarot readings, women’s empowerment. Can you tell us a little about what’s involved and what’s your favourite part?
Of course! As far as the creation of my work goes, a lot of it comes through channelling and when I’m in flow! My courses contain different rituals around self love, self worth and manifestation. They focus mainly on spiritual practices but there is a lot of inner child and trauma work involved to really see break threws.

Oracle and Tarot readings are where we really start to get into the ‘woo woo’ haha. These sessions allow me to be a channel for people’s spirit guide to show soul guidance on their journeys. These are deeply transforming readings that offer a new perspective.

Meditation is involved with it all, allowing us to delve deeper into our subconscious minds and connect with our spiritual selves.

My favourite part is hearing the amazing impact this work is having on women.

Q3: Let’s talk meditation, we are fans of a regular meditation practice and we have started to notice that meditation has almost become ‘trendy’ within social media and the health movement that is happening. Do you see this as a good thing?
Definitely! The more people meditating the more people who are less stressed, living consciously and more caring! The more awareness on this amazing practice the better.

Q4: Can you share with us your meditation practice and how you feel it impacts your day to day life and day to day business life?
Of course. I meditate every morning, this is a non negotiable for me. For something that sounds like such a simple practice it is truly life changing. Occasionally I will meditate in the afternoon/evening as well (depending on how busy I am that day). My practice is very simple, I put on some binaural beats, light some candles and tune out for 20-30 minutes. I have a few crystals that I like to have around me as well, either holding them or just have them in my space (amethyst, blue agate, rose quartz and fluorite are my current favs).

Q5: We’re focusing on health and wellness this month and we know you’re a big advocate for looking after your mental health. How do you feel this can impact your work productivity and creativity?
Mental health is everything in work productivity and creativity. When we are burnt out, depressed or anxious, we can’t work to the best of our abilities. We can’t fully tap into our creativity. This is something that has to have more focus whether you are self employed or an employer looking after employees. Creating a work environment that supports a healthy mind is imperative.

Q6: Do you have a morning routine to set you up for a productive day?
Yes definitely. My morning routine is completely about self care, I get myself into a space where I can be productive without any stresses playing on my mind. I wake up at about 4.15am (early I know), make a cup of tea, journal my gratitude and affirmations, meditate and do some sort of movement whether that be yoga/gym/walking or just stretching. Some mornings I’ll also do a personal card reading, mirror work or EFT tapping. After that I start to work on my business (I have a day job at the amazing Sphere Collective and Noosa Brow Co so my mornings are my space for my work).

Q7: What’s one self-care habit you wish you had started sooner?
Meditation and mirror work.

Q8: How do you continue to find inspiration (and motivation) for your work?
Inspiration comes from so many outlets, mainly my own self care practices and what I channel when I connect with spirit. The motivation for creating offers comes from helping women but I definitely struggle with motivation for the admin/systems side of things! This is something I’m working on haha.

Q9: We find it so important to have a strong support network in both business and in life. Who is in your support network?
Well firstly the amazing women who run Club Woman! Abby and Lucy along with our friend Caitlyn are women who I feel incredibly lucky to have in my life not only as friendships but to bounce business ideas off! The same for my incredible partner, sister and family! Also very lucky to have two supportive bosses at Sphere and Noosa Brow Co.

I have also cultivated an incredible network of support in the online space. Other women with spiritual businesses have been amazing to connect with.

Q10: What or who is inspiring you at the moment?
At the moment I’m really inspired by other women in the spiritual business. Lacy Phillips of To Be Magnetic, Asti Maree, Rising Woman, Dark Moon Crystals and Prism and Fleur are a few creatives who I am finding really inspiring at the moment.

Q11: What roles have you found to challenge you throughout your work so far, and what lessons have you learnt from these challenges?
Definitely the admin side of things and have systems in place. I struggle with doing the backend of my website, email campaigns etc. As my business is based around services I offer, I’ve also found it difficult to market myself without sounding ‘salesy’. I really believe in what I have to offer so this is slowly becoming easier. I’ve learnt to fully step into what I am offering and recognise that women are coming to me because they are resonating with what the services I offer.

Q12: What are your top 3 superpowers?
I think I have a very nurturing nature, I’m psychic (literally haha) and I have come a long way on my journey, which allows me to hold space for others.

Q13: What advice would you impart on the next generation of women, and women in business?
Self love is everything, where it all begins. You have to first hold love for yourself before you can truly give it to anyone else (this also goes for your business!).

Q14: One last thing... share with us a quirky fact about yourself! Something that people might not know about you?

Haha this is hard, I have a lot of quirks. I guess something people may not know is that I LOVE watching really cheesy Netflix movies. You know the Netflix original ones? My fav guilty pleasure.

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