19 Aug 2021

Tapping into the power of community with Lisa Messenger

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Lisa Messenger is the Woman behind The Collective Hub - a multi-platform publication with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter. 

We talk to Lisa about tapping into the power of community, creating what your heart desires and getting clear on why you do what you do.

Q1: Hi Lisa, welcome to the Woman Of Series! Can you tell us what it is you create?
I create tools to educate and inspire entrepreneurs and start ups across the print, digital and events spheres. I have written over 30 books. Printed 54 issues of a magazine distributed in 37 countries. We have regular articles and a weekly mini mag at collectivehub.com and I have a podcast called Hear me RAW on Spotify and iTunes.

Q2: What inspired you to start The Collective Hub?
There was a gap in the market for entrepreneurs and start ups to tell the story behind the story and make having your own business real, raw, relatable and attainable. I wanted to help and be the voice for everyone in this space.

How do you break the mould and create a point of difference with The Collective Hub?
Ha – well I’ve written 7 books on this very subject – each 208 pages long so tricky to distil. But essentially I created a product people loved, then I tapped into the power of community. When I launched I entered a highly saturated market (over 5500 mags alone in Australia) in an industry people said was “dead or dying”. I had no experience with magazines. I just did things differently. I suggest people read my books Daring & Disruptive and Money & Mindfulness. They are blueprints as to how to do this. 

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Q4: What single tool or strategy have you found invaluable to your journey so far?
A great mindset. Really I’ve harnessed a mindset of “anythings possible” and built my resilience over the years. That with a great team, a hungry community and some great technology. And you have a winning formula.

Q5: How does The Collective Hub relate to your personality and who you are?
It 100% reflects my personality. It's about overcoming challenges and showing that anything is possible. I live and breath this out loud every single day. So as I’m creating the brand, I’m also talking about it all in real time – sharing everything – the struggles, the wins, the finances. Everything. There is nothing off limits.

What is your big hope and dream for your work?
To help inspire as many people as I can globally to believe in themselves and create whatever it is their heart desires.

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Q7: What is the last thing you read, listened or watched that inspired you, and how?
I’m just reading Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. It's full of notes on successes and failures, joys and sorrows. It's uplifting and inspirational.

What are your top 3 superpowers?
Having empathy. Connecting people. Seeing solutions where others only see problems.

We’re all about women inspiring women. Who inspires you?
So many people. Anyone courageous enough to step into their best life. But for today, let's go with Kamala Harris.

Q10: What advice would you impart on the next generation of women, and women in business?
Get clear on why you do what you do. Be unafraid to make failure you’re friend. Surround yourself with a great team. Know that anything is possible. Just start.


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