23 Jun 2021

Tess Guinery is taking us along for her European summer and we’re not mad about it…

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Our dreams of a balmy European summer filled with Aperol spritz, cheese (mountains of it) and tanned Italian men in trunks didn’t quite go to plan (thanks Covid)… I mean let's be honest, we were just dreaming anyway.

Never mind the giant Covid sized elephant in the room, Tess Guinery is living her best life (and the life of our dreams) while on an impromptu relocation to Berlin, and she is sharing all and we mean all, of the German goodness on the gram.

First things first, if you don’t already follow the author or The Apricot Memoirs, Moonflower Monologues and curator of all things petals and pretty, stop what you are doing right now and expect to spend the next three hours scrolling and being inspired by the beauty of Tess Guinery.

Secondly, if you much like ourselves did not have a clue about the endless magic of Germany and its many many pretty flowers gardens, castles, lakes and perfectly curated vintage decor please thank your girl Tess for pointing it out to us all.

Tess and her incredibly cute family have relocated for her husband's work and are doing a great job of taking us across the country by their side, all whist securing her first publishing deal with her dream-come-true US publishing house — @andrewsmcmeel.

Tess’ poems and prose are truly something to hit you right in the feels and we could not be more excited for her new journey.


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