24 Jun 2021

The cover letter: may it burn in hell


by Bossy Creative

I get it: cover letters are hard work. They’re usually the first thing our potential employers sees, and it’s first impression. So it’s gotta be good.

I’ve mentioned in previous eps that earlier this year I posted a job ad looking for freelance writers to expand the Bossy team and received over 200 applications. Naturally the cover letter became my very quick yes or no system. If i didn’t immediately get something from the cover letter, that was it. I didn’t have time to keep going.

On the other hand, I received so many amazing cover letters from people that had obviously really taken the time to research Bossy., look into our tone of voice and write a cover letter that not only suited the brand but reflected their personality and writing style as well.

So, how do you write a cover letter with personality? We’re about to find out.

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  • Researching the tone
  • Getting the layout right
  • Writing a hook
  • Backing up your claims
  • Keeping it relevant
  • Writing in the correct tense
  • Being more conversational

This episode is brought to you by my shiny new cover letter template, which is available here.


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