08 Apr 2021

Trash to Terracotta with Geneva Vanderziel

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By Geneva Vanderzeil of Collective Gen

If your a fan of the DIY and read our latest blog 5 DIY accounts to follow you may have already heard of Genveva Vanderzeil, and if you havn't.. well we are stoked to bring her to your attention now. 

Geneva is the queen of the DIY and we are DIYiing (see what we did there) over her upcycling hacks. 

Her tips and tricks to turning your ugly vases into "look at my new vase" has even gone viral with the  #trashtoterracotta hashtag, spreading around the world!

Geneva shares her three ways to to overhaul your old vases into the masterpieces they were always meant to be, using some surprisingly simple techniques. 

Want in on all the hype? To DIY each option yourself, read Geneva's full blog post here. 

Go on, give those vases the makeover of their life.


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