21 Apr 2021

We talk to dream team Cait Miers Photography + Atlas The Collective

Our Woman. Of Vlog gives you all access, all the time to helpful tips, advice and real life experiences from ambitious women killing it in a creative industry.

In this Woman. Of Vlog we sit down with dream team creatives Adrianne Dimitrakakis and Cait Miers who share a studio in Byron Bay.

Adrianne Dimitrakakis is the woman behind Atlas the Collective, a series of bespoke maps made slow and by hand.

Cait Miers is a freelance surf photographer (who shoots for the likes of Roxy and WSL) and creator of The Clique photography workshops.

In this interview we chat to Age and Cait about their journeys to date, finding your niche, surrounding yourself with the right people and appreciating all of the small wins along the way.

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