17 Jun 2021

What makes us all creatives

Harald arlander Nuhk HAAF6 Y0 unsplash

What makes you a creative? This is a question we ask each of the women we interview, and we’ve never had one answer quite the same as the rest…

Our platform was built on the idea that we wanted to support and build a community for women in the creative industries and creatives alike. Since launching we’ve evolved this concept title from women in the creative industries, to include all women.

We didn’t do this because we felt we were neglecting others but rather because of something we realised a while into the journey, which was that not all women see them selves as creatives.

We’re here to tell you that each and every one of you are creatives, in your own unique way. It's that spark inside of you... we want to help you find it, nurture it and create with it.

“The upbringing I had, supportive and and encouraging parents, not being judgmental and so many great experiences in nature”
Flick Palmateer, Professional big wave surfer

“I think I’ve been a creative since birth, I like to think I have been. I used to spend hours and hours drawing on a little chalk board that my parents gave me, I am no way artsy creative but creative in the sense of ideas and implementing ideas and making things happen. But not very creative when it comes to using my hands, otherwise I think I would have been a fashion designer, I can’t sew and I cant draw, I got into the fashion world any way I knew I could”
Mel Carrero, Marketing Manager of Spell and The Gypsy Collective

“From my perspective as a business person, I think anybody who takes an idea, a thought and brings that into fruition, and creates a business from that, I believe thats a creative person” 
Trudy CroadOwner and founder of Love Bird Weddings

“Everyone is creative or they have creative aspects in whatever they do in life…. how we choose to live our every day, putting on an outfit every day, choosing to dress up, I guess thats a creative outlet, even just hanging with the kids doing artwork and researching. I think all those things make us creative in every way”
Jody Feldhofer, Co-owner and founder of Nice Martin

“What makes me creative and what I think the word creative encompasses is freedom, thats a really big one. I think that if you are free to create from your heart space and from who you truly are thats what sets you in a creative tone. I’m such a big believer in no one is you and thats your power, so i think that where creativity really comes from and once you harness yourself and that freedom to be who you truly are, when you are truly free and yourself, thats what real creativity is, and thats how I harness that…. I’m me, I’m positive, I’m happy, I’m bubbly I like to have fun but I also like to put in that hard work and get things done”
Bianca Greggco-owner and founder of Del Rainbow

This last answer from Bianca encapsulates pretty much perfectly how I feel about being a creative. When I am creating from my core I feel free, I feel inspired and I feel passionate. When I am feeling free and inspired and passionate I want to create.

We all have an innate passion to create inside of us, wether you’re an artist, a musician, a mechanic, a coder or a mother, we are all able to cultivate creativity in our own way.

The dictionary defines being a creative as ‘relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something'

When I was asked what makes me a creative my answer was that I am a dreamer, my imagination is packed full of stories, scenarios and visions and I create from this place, a place where anything is possible and everything excites me.

So… what makes you a creative?


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