23 Aug 2021

Why colourful furniture is the new cool

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The new 'it' trend for furniture everywhere seems to be one we just can't miss. Whether it's fuzzy framed mirrors, statement chairs or tiled bedsides, vibrant coloured furniture is making an appearance in every room we walk into, and theres no end to the insta accounts compelling us to follow in line.  

So why is it that this new craze seems to have everyone going troppo?! We think it's pretty simple... We don't have to mention it for the millionth time but 2020 was no fun, sitting at home for months on end our same old furniture everywhere we look, well duh, as if we wouldn't want to change it up for something fun, bold and exciting. 

We all deserve a little bit of excitement in our lives, so to embrace fully this new trend we've compiled our fave colourful furniture pieces that really are the new cool. 


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