22 Jul 2021

Women inspiring women: we're stronger together


March 8th marks a very important date in our diaries - it's International Women's Day. A global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women everywhere, it's a reminder for us that we really are all in this together.

As women we are stronger, together.

We are more powerful when we lift each other up, together.

We achieve more when we support one another, you guessed it... together.

So in ode to being together on this special day, we've asked some inspiring ladies just who inspires them. From mothers and grandmothers, to friends, style icons, businesswomen and everything in between this is a must read list.


Alicia Sharples, artist

"My energy Mentor- Lynette Arkadie from the WooWoo Verse.

My best friends and their ability to always see the best in me - makes me want to keep being a better person.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women who Run with Wolves – the collector of transformational myths."

Bec Walker, Sunshine Photography 

"Sunshine & Salty Kisses was born after attending Cait Miers Surf Photography workshop earlier this year in Byron. I love Cait's down-to-earth nature and her mission to empower women all around the world."

Beck Wadworth, An Organised Life

"My family, my friends and lots of female business owners who are leading the way in their fields. Taking risks, inspiring and supporting. For example Jo at MECCA, Eleanor Pendleton from Gritty Pretty, Maggie Hewitt from Maggie Marilyn and many more."

Caitlyn Edwards, illustrator 

"My sister and her ability to fully excel with both sides of her cranium. Being extremely creative and intelligent - what a lady."

Cat Webb, Good Times Pilates

"I’m inspired by women who help other women feel better in their skin and seek to disrupt toxic beliefs and patriarchal standards, like my Instagram pal Nadia Felsch, a non-diet and intuitive eating nutritionist, Jameela Jamil writer, activist and advocate from I Weigh, my friend and Pilates teaching colleague Anula Maiburg and all the women who come to Good Times who inspire me to keep going." 


Elle-Louise Burguez, artist

"I am inspired by SO many women. At the moment: Cassi Namoda, my best friends, my mum, Zoe Kravitz, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Dance, Sade, Sailor Mars."

Evelyn Marina, artist

"My mother, Mary. She is a strong, beautiful, caring and understanding woman. She worked hard to make sure that my sister and I had a childhood much different from her own. I am living a life of truths and chasing my dream because of her."

Kaitie Manani, The Slow Mode
"My mum!"

Lauren Jones, artist

"As a painter I'm inspired by Clara Adolphs and Del Kathryn Barton. Both masters of paint and texture. Personally I'm inspired by my mother, her kindness and selflessness has no bounds."

Lisa Messenger, The Collective Hub

"So many people. Anyone courageous enough to step into their best life. But for today, let's go with Kamala Harris."

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Lisa Morgan, artist

"Women Artists
Helen Frankenthaler
Joan Mitchell
Ann Thompson
Dame Louise Henderson
Sylvia Kanytjupai Ken
Frances Hodgkins
Sally Gabori
Elisabeth Cummings"

Lisa Seskin, LMS The Brand
"A few of the major influencers coming out of the US are doing some amazing things with their platforms. This is across charity/giving back (very much needed at this time) and creating their own amazing brands. It’s one thing having a big following but it’s another thing in what you do with it! To name a few of these women – Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What, Arielle Charnas – Something Navy and Negin Mirsalehi – Gisou."

Loralee Newitt, artist
"Oh there are too many to name here. Anyone living a life that they're passionate about, but in particular I'm inspired by Olympia Antoniadis, her paintings are beyond incredible. Maja Ruznic, Lana Del Ray's new poetry book, Preyada Apiwattanatam's jewellery, Mary Oliver, Joy Harjo, Kate Tucker, Amber Wallis, Montana Lower and Hannah Knowlan."

Melissa Mitchell, Spiritually Sourced

"At the moment I’m really inspired by other women in the spiritual business. Lacy Phillips of To Be Magnetic, Asti Maree, Rising Woman, Dark Moon Crystals and Prism and Fleur are a few creatives who I am finding really inspiring at the moment."

Michelle Pash, Pash Pottery

"My mother Estrella because she is very hardworking, generous and loving. She inspires me to work hard to keep pursuing my art.

The other women that inspire me are my lecturer Ulrike and all the women I studied art with at uni. Their artwork told me so many stories about their lives and opened me up to new ideas. We are all still friends after finishing our studies and still, support and inspire each other now. Lastly, my friends, they are all creative and beautiful."


Moriah Overall, photographer

"Ciara Jones, the girl in the photo 'Best Friends'. She is unapologetically herself. She trusts in everything she does even when things start to look doubtful, because it always works out. She has always been there to support me and help me with my crazy creative projects."

Stacy Madden, Woven Husk

"Me too! I'm also inspired by anyone with passion and a fire in their belly - and the guts and determination to follow their dreams. People who are truly original inspire me too, long with those who are generous and humble"

Summer & Alexa, Laze Res
"Women in general!! All women around us are an inspiration in their own unique and special way. The most inspirational to us are the ones chasing their dreams, even if they seem far!"

Tanya Shaw, Oh Flora Studio

"Those before us in recent history or hundreds of years ago that fought against all forms of adversity to give us the opportunities that we have today as women."

Tess Robinson, Smack Bang Designs
"I have so many great women in my life whom I consider to be great for many and varying reasons. Women I find most inspiring are uniquely true to themselves, seeking lives they love with tenacity, vision and authenticity."


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