Bonnie Gray

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I think in technicolour. A friend of sunshine and a regular to the ocean, I crave the simple, light-filled things.

What inspires me? Mornings and market runs; bicycles and fresh flowers; making smoothies and basking in the sun; unheard music and a day in the studio; laughter and authenticity; electric ideas and big thinkers; friendship and house plants. It’s all of these things and so much more that fill each brushstroke.

''With every brushstroke comes a song
With every daring colour comes a word
With every heart idea comes a dance
That you can't help but jiggy to;
It's a beat of simple, joyous wonder''

Every painting is inspired by:
Tropical Summers
90s memories
Songwriting bliss
Pink flamingos
Fruit smoothies
And deep pockets filled with honest heart joys.

Each painting comes with a card and surprise poem. I cannot wait to post your colourful piece to your doorstep.


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