Lisa Morgan Art

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I am a painter, originally from New Zealand. I have lived in Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland for the past 20 years and paint from a studio in the Noosa hinterland. Having grown up with a highly successful graduate art mother and sculptor stepfather there was always a creative force in my life that eventually led me to a career in the arts.

Mostly I approach my work with an idea of a story at the edge of my mind but usually with little premeditation allowing whatever needs to occur during the process happen organically. Feeling confined to a certain technique or structure is not how I usually work - sometimes my works are soft and floaty, sometimes slightly more graphic, the mood changes with whichever way the painting takes me.

My work talks of certain places in landscape or time, in seasons and in moments. Each piece has a relevant meaning and importance to me. I enjoy playing with different textures, different detailing, different shapes. Through the medium of paint and canvas there is always a story to tell of the landscape I love.

In moving forward I am experimenting with new ideas and techniques while leaning on some of the practices of the past, incorporating my love of the landscape, the seasons, the shapes and patterns in nature that so absorb me. Transitioning from a somewhat meaningful subject area to expressing myself through a playful, more open and abstract style exploring the idea of “being” of the landscape rather than “about” it.


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